Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Life at BITS

Yesterday, i was studying in library (those who have slang on their mouth for me after reading "library", please pull it back, i have below average CGPA), one of my dear senior came and sat in front of me. He was reading a fiction by Satyajeet Ray. He appreciated me for studying and gave some guru-gyan like be 10 pointer in first 4 semester and then there enjoy CDC (CDC stands for Compulsory Disciplinary Courses which generally comes in third and fourth year and these years are horrible with numerous labs and 40-45 hrs class per week). Listening that i started counting my Test1 and Test2 marks and then i understood the meaning of "LIGHT LE". He then told that he has enjoyed all his years of stay in BITS and revealed his future planning. His planning was that after finishing that book (only 10 pages were remaining), he would seriously start preparing for compre (compre stand for end semester exams). He promised that this will be the last book of this semester. He took out his wallet and cell phone and put that on table(ideal way to sit in library, i dont know if this is a way to impress girl).

ok ok, we now started doing our respective job.

still he has five page to read.

His phone rang. I listened to one way talk only.

senior: hallooooo

senior: what?

senior: when?

senior: i will be there.

Looking at his face(man, it was so grave), following thoughts came to my mind:-

1. May be he got 'E' grade in some subject.

2. His girl friend dumped him.

3. Some unfortunate thing happened at his home.

I know him from very beginning, so first possibility sounded humorous to me. Since this is BITS, no chance for second.So, i was prepare for consoling him and giving him support.

With sinking heart, i asked "kya hua? bhaiya"

senior: are kuch nai.. counter strike at
At once, i remembered all his future planning.
(i met him today, he was reading the last paragraph of that book)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

height of despogiri-ii

Scene: shahi darbar (our college restaurant).
Someday back i saw Tom (to know about TOM,refer HEIGHT OF DESPOGIRI) dining with a girl. Usually Tom has a big laugh, with clapping hands at every second moment. He is careless and in other words 'POORA MAST'. But while dining with the girl, he was calm and acting like a mature and responsible fellow (like an insurance agent). He first ordered masala dosa and lastly changed it to noodles(he later informed that dosa is hard to eat with fork than noodles). While eating he took a little of it at a time and folded it in fork until he was assured that it won't fall during its flight to the mouth. And after each bite he used handkerchief to be sure that after so much effort, may be tomato ketchup marred his face. In between girl has moved from choupsey to butter scotch and tom was half way out.
So far so good. Unfortunately, i with our crazy friend faghav went for dinner. He is also a known tharki.

faghav(to me): arey, tom ki toh lottery lag gai.
me: oh no, aaj to hostel me poora pakayega.
faghav: chal, lets sit there.
me: no, dont steal the show.
faghav: no, i will sit there only, do u wanna come?
me: no.

Without any more words, he sat on the chair just beside the girl. Tom's face lost its charm just like sudden power cut in the marriage (so common in India). I sat with some other friends. Tom and girl were discussing about studies. Faghav thought of helping Tom (he is very good by heart always willing to help friends).

Tom: this sem i have attended all classes.
girl: really! good.
Tom: i have learnt a lesson from my last sem.

now faghav thought that its time for him to speak something.

faghav: oh yes. Tom is very attentive and punctual. You know, after classes he goes to library, he has tutorial notes of every instructor. Sometimes he even went to classes without brushing his teeth for morning 8 class. don't you, tom?

Tom was left gaping. NAA GHAR KA NAA GHAT KA. He didn't know what to say. It was the best compliment, he ever received.

girl:did you?
Tom: no, no. i never did that.
faghav: u liar, you only told me before Ratabole's morning lecture.

Tom pressed faghav's leg under the table to remind him that he took the wrong track.

faghav: Tom, that is my leg.
Tom: sorry, i have to go, i have to go to the meeting of my association.

And in this way, Tom's party was over and faghav continued with the aloo-paratha with the girl besides him.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

One of My Birthday...

Every time, i see someone's birthday being celebrated in hostel (ideal moment to settle the score with the birtday boy), i remember the most fantastic, touching, loving birthday of mine. Every adjective will look small for describing that birthday. I have done my 11th, 12th from bokaro, away from home, and from those who loved me most in this earth.

I reached there seven days before my birthday. Right from 11:30 pm on the eve of my birthday, i was very upset and was weeping in installments and that too secretly ( under the pillow, in bathroom). Secretly because i was sharing my room with 4 friends, (and it will be insult for a boy to cry). None of my friends wished me and i vowed not to tell them. Whenever you are under the action of stress hormones, you do such rubbish acts. My birthday was going silently, and this silence was killing me. I was missing my birthday party at home.

At evening one of my friend came running and said our other friends are in fight with some friends at a nearby park. We both went their running and i was surprised to see a beautiful decoration under the trees, on the side of pond. My friends had organised a party for me at such a delightful place.I cut the cake and danced on the music played on cell phone. Suddenly it rained to add colours to our party and to fill the difference between my tears and water.


Saturday, April 3, 2010

height of despogiri

Well, now a cool, stupid story.

Venue: My thermodynamics class

 Lecturer bombing us with his boring lecture. I with my full concentration trying to get his point . My good friend sitting beside me ( Man, he is damn smart, intelligent and too sexy, I will call him Tom Cruise here onwards.. It is an attempt in vain to reduce my part of his anger after he reads this article), in attempt to dodge the sleep was looking here and there in order to pass the odd 50 minutes. Suddenly door opened, and a good looking (for reader: if you are from commerce college, she was average, if you are from arts college, she was the last one you wish to see), girl entered and sits beside my friend,. Suddenly Tom got attentive (for sure it was not the impact of teacher because he was continuing his same, laws of thermodynamics). Lecturer gave a question to class, question was easy , it was based on formulae he has just taught, so I made that.

Girl (to tom): err…. Have you done this problem? I was Late in class.
Tom: oh.. ya. Easy stuff. ,

(I don’t know how, the girl looked away and in the next moment, my notebook was the proud asset of tom, I didn’t say anything after all yaar , ye andar ka maamla hai)

Girl; can I see your notebook?
Tom: yes , why not?

(even he volunteered himself for explaining those concepts).

Tom (to me, 40 min to class end): I wanna talk to her, tell some way.
Me: listen to teacher, he is teaching an important topic.

15 minutes remaining to class and I see tom busy doing something, obviously it was not the lecture. Oh my god…. he was slowly dragging her calci (calci is pet name of calculator in engineering colleges) under his thick thermo book. Watching this, i wondered when he started this side business for pocket money. At once my eyes searched for my calci and finding it at its place I vowed to keep tom away from my room. 5 minutes to end of class, the calci was at its place i.e. under the book and I was ready to tell the girl about my friend’s deed. Class got end with a sudden hustle like all sleeping people are waked up by alarm clock after a very bad dream.

At once, Tom (with an expression of saviour, to girl, who was leaving) :excuse me! You forgot to collect your calci..

And I was left behind dumb stuck, on his excuse to talk a girl.
(tom is known to be the biggest despo of my hostel, I will write another one on his historic deed)