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steps 2 luv

You like any girl, you talk to her, if you begin liking her, then there are some sudden changes in you.

1. Let the girl be "average". (Significance of the word depends upon type of your college i.e. arts, commerce, engineering :( Earlier if any of your friend used to like "average" girl, your comment on him must be like,"How can Amit like her? See her, how pathetic she looks!" But now, "looks are transitory, what's important is that she is nice, understanding. More importantly, why should i bother about others!"

"love is blind" is your favourite slogan.

2. Every song seems to depict your condition and your love status, if not you tend to draw parallels. (No matter, whethern they exist or not). Like after first meeting,"ek ladki ko dekha to aisa laga".

When your "like" starts changing to love,"kuch to hua hai, kuch ho gaya hai"

You tend to like romantic songs with more emphasis on lyrics. (Earlier you …

Adventure of WAVES

One year back:

"come to my room... as soon as possible...urgent", reads a message in my inbox. I checked the name, It was Jai there. It is hard to guess what's urgent in college student's life, but whatever is "urgent" for us, has least priority for others. Anyways, 2 minutes later, i was in his room. He was preparing a list on MS excel. There were column of name, phone number, priority, and the last one was blank. Jai has amazing skills in drawing, sketching, painting, photography. Due to these skills, he is the member of many clubs of college and i thought probably he was preparing the list of members as "WAVES, (our college's cultural fest) was 10 days away.

As soon as i entered, he asked me "Do you have phone number of Isha?"

I said,"no, how could i have?" Jai replied,"she is in your branch, so i guessed."

I had a class then, so i left him with his list.

Next day too, when i went to his room, he was doing the same…

Newspaper Cut

Everyone in my college is genius, and attending lectures is an offence to our superiority. Proof of our greatness; we complete the whole syllabus, which teachers teach in a whole semester, in a night before the exam; our answer paper will show some new theories, which we discover in the examination hall to solve the given question; we are able to concentrate on lectures while playing "missed call-missed call" with friends or observing the motions of teacher in order to mimic them. (After all there are girls too for distractions ;) As the teachers also know of our greatness, they keep on calling us on date through keeping marks on attendance, surprise quizzes.

This is the story of one such class where we were bound to go because of attendance. I was already late for class and teacher's voice was too low to be audible at the back benches, so i decided to carry a newspaper. As expected, class was full and i sat at the last bench, and the next moment i started reading the n…


It always happens, when any girl likes me, i don't like her and when i like any girl, obviously, she doesn't like me. Well thats ok with me, same answer comes always,"we are good as friends and i never imagine you beyond that." But right now, i will not talk of myself but of couples, who have long distance relationships.

These couples are easy to recognize, you will find 2 or 3 cell phones with them with the sim cards of all possible mobile operators, roaming around mobile recharge shops in search of most efficient recharge offers. If you ask them for treat, they will simply blame phone bill. And yes, one more thing, they excel in typing messages. I am very sorry for those keypads which sacrificed their life for the expression of their love, and the expression includes, "had your lunch??", "tumne kis color ki shirt pehni??", "what are you thinking of??", " abhi mera bhai school se aaya", "i saw a rabbit today". ( i m…