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I had written this post a long ago and i didn't think of publishing in my blog, but due to some people who made mockery of my ethnicity, provoked me to publish this. Here i am not proving or stating Bihar is good, i am just answering some people. Hope they understand.

BIHARI..........With this word, comes in your mind, image of illiterate, ill-dressed, tobacco chewing and rough behaving man. Isn’t it?

All right. I recount one of my train journeys when I had to go to Pune for an exam. Somehow my e-ticket got cancelled and I had no other option but to continue by general compartment. People sitting beside me were poorly dressed and looked as if they had come after swimming in a sea of dust. After some time they started chatting amongst themselves in “BHOJPURI”, a dialect of Hindi spoken in western part of Bihar. I belong to the same place. So, out of natural curiosity, I asked them in Hindi where they are from. Much to my surprise, their answers were Lucknow, Kanpur and Bhopal. I w…

Smile :)

Smile....5 letter word has more impact than anything other in this world. Smile is an investment which never incurs loss and always has higher returns. Universe's most beautiful thing, according to me, is the friendship between enemies and smile is the shortest way to do that. And the world's most dangerous thing is LOVE, this too starts when a girl acknowledges boy's smile. Trust me, no worldly thing can give you more pleasure than the pleasure you get when you know you are the reason behind someone's smile. That someone may be your parent, friend or girlfriend. (i think, my friends will connect more with the last one). I'll give you an example, just observe your mother's smile when someone praises you, and then feel your joy that you were reason behind that smile. Nothing equals your joy and that smile too.

The feeling is different when your love journey is between friendship and the formal propose. Then the smile of the girl has a lot of meaning for you. Wh…

I Hate Growing

2-3 weeks back, my friend said,"I hate growing." My friend gave me many examples to support this statement. Though i was not satisfied with the justifications given by him, but certainly i agreed upon the fact that I too hate growing. Though i am a student and i don't do anything else other than studies to worry about but yet every night when i go to sleep, my mind is full of thoughts. On an average i have 4-5 hours of class everyday, and if i attend every class with full concentration, then at the end of day, i have no strength to do anything. Leave doing something creative. Interactions with friends are also decreasing day by day. I talk more on gtalk than face to face. And i think, many of my friends will accept this. Earlier, people used to sit together and share their life, feelings and by this they make others divide their pain and multiply joy. As i am growing, my responsibilities are increasing and this is what i am hating. Everyday i am becoming more bounded, t…

Prom Saga

Now, when notices regarding prom registrations are being put up on the hostel notice boards, the adrenaline level in every boy's body is at its highest level. I don't know much about girls, but i feel there is an equal fire on there side too. Today i saw a girl attending a particular class in which she never comes, later i was informed that she was expecting prom proposal from a guy, who comes in that class. So, she was providing him maximum opportunity to ask. Another girl who always comes in two tops, one red and another one combination of blue and white, was seen in third one.(probably her best one :)

People take different approaches to ask for prom, some people are spontaneous, some are strategic. Strategic people make strategy, what should they wear, which perfume should they use, what should they gift her, where should they ask the girl. Whereas spontaneous people are very casual, they can ask at most unexpected places like after class, while going to mess in most unexp…