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"Engineering" with me!!!

Becoming an engineer in a small town is a great achievement. It feels great that everybody knows you. "Wanna be engineers" come to take tips. Some over excited parents come along with their child and they would say,"acchesepadhoge, to nabhaiyajaisebanoge". Generally engineering college are in metros(or soon to be metros), so people think you have knowledge of culture prevailing their. Suddenly, your opinions are taken seriously and people listen to you and that too without any questions. Earlier people used to say,"abhitubacchahai, terekosamajhnaiaayega."

In this summer vacation, there was an incident with me, after which i think twice before saying,"i am pursuing engineering." I was on visit to my granny's house. She lives in much smaller town. I was having evening chit-chat with her when one old man of her neighbourhood called me. His wife was standing beside him.
Old man: Your granny told me that you are doing engineering.
me: Yes, that…

To home, Gollum and Wall

Journey by train has its own fun, frolic and experiences. And when you are travelling with college friends, fun and thrill get multiplied. After the end of the last semester, I and my friend were scheduled to go by Patna Vasco Express. When we reached station, we were first greeted by my hostel warden and one more mathematics faculty. Both were going by the same train.(our hostel warden is a nice and friendly person and therefore we don't fear him)

This train is the only direct train from Goa to Bihar, so there were many BITSians. One 4th year girl and one 1st year guy had seat in front of ours. After some time, GOLLUM (i regret for those who don't know gollum) came.
The junior with us was a non-ideal college student. He sleeps at 10 pm, wakes at 5 am, goes for chanting(courtesy ISKCON people), attend all classes, keeps himself updated with class. No wonder, he is expecting 9 gpa. Like metals at 0 kelvin, gollum bhai(as we say him) is perfectly ideal college student. Train s…

Incomplete,Undecided...(A Great Dilemma)

Recently three incidents (sorry accidents) happened that i can't take my attention off them.
1. There is a guy, who got Average+16(in our lingo, its called 'av') in one exam. When we got our answer sheets back, he overwrote on an answer for 2 more marks. Unfortunately, he got caught and got 'Registration Cancelled' in that course.

2. Another student, he made a false output file when he was unable to get a correct program in our programming test. Teacher caught him. He started crying, not for his mistake but for two more marks.

3. One student got Average-1 marks. While checking his evaluated paper, he found one of his question wrongly corrected. He was given marks for one wrong answer. He went back to teacher pointing the same. (Teacher doesn't cut his marks :)

I won't comment on correctness of any one's act because i don't have necessary qualification for that. Because if i were av-15 and then somewhere i get marks for wrong answer, my morale is un…

Four of Life

Please have a look at the picture above. This picture has got a lot of meaning. In the first frame, there is a child playing besides a small tree in the backdrop which reminds you of early morning. In the second one, there is a young couple making love in a soothing environment besides the same tree which now has grown to moderate height. Third frame, depicts a old man who seems lonely and worn out, standing beside the old tree with falling withered leaves amidst a gloomy background. And the last frame...nothing but death. This picture has all ingredient of life but my question is will my transition from third to fourth will be contented and smooth or i will be haunted by my past.
Certainly everyone has got one's eye and that looks at same thing different from others. Now, when we are out of the first frame, i urge you to close your eyes and remember your cherished moments of first frame of your own picture. When i did the same, i recalled the first day when i went to school, the…

End Semester-Feedback

One another semester is going to end in a few days. Like at the end of year, we analyse ourselves, i introspect myself after every semester. I ask myself different sort of questions and then rate myself on a scale of 10. And then, i recommend myself suggestion for my well being. I strongly believe that these questions are worth to be questioned to everybody so that people, who feel themselves that they are perfect or their life is going in right pace to right destination, should know where they stand.

(Questions are asked in the order of importance and necessity.)

Question 1. Three semesters are over. Still you don't have girlfriend. What the hell are you doing with your life?

Question 2. Waves was in this semester. So many girls were there. Still you were limited to just staring at the girls from the other colleges. That seriously questions your effective public speaking ?

Question 3. Whole semester, you sat behind your crush in the class. Still she didn't notice you. Don…