Thursday, December 23, 2010

"Engineering" with me!!!

Becoming an engineer in a small town is a great achievement. It feels great that everybody knows you. "Wanna be engineers" come to take tips. Some over excited parents come along with their child and they would say,"acche se padhoge, to na bhaiya jaise banoge". Generally engineering college are in metros(or soon to be metros), so people think you have knowledge of culture prevailing their. Suddenly, your opinions are taken seriously and people listen to you and that too without any questions. Earlier people used to say,"abhi tu baccha hai, tere ko samajh nai aayega."

In this summer vacation, there was an incident with me, after which i think twice before saying,"i am pursuing engineering." I was on visit to my granny's house. She lives in much smaller town.
I was having evening chit-chat with her when one old man of her neighbourhood called me. His wife was standing beside him.

Old man: Your granny told me that you are doing engineering.

me: Yes, that is true.

Old man: So, what "type" of engineer you are?

I am dualite, but for people whom i feel i can't make understand, i say only of my BE degree.

me: Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Old man: What do these engineers do?

me: They make computers, TV, radio......such electronic things....

Old man: inverters..huh??

me:(i felt that they are understanding)haan haan got it right..inverters too.

After half an hour, the old man came with a lantern in his hand, calling my name. Yes, in Bihar, electricity is as scarce as water in thar desert. He asked me to accompany him to his house. I thought old man was seeking a company, so i didn't make many queries and quietly followed him. When we reached his house, he summoned me inside and then showed his inverter.

Old man:(pointing to inverter) For the last few days, this is not giving required back up. After 15 minutes, it starts piiiii.....piiiiii....piii.

Though i could say there, i don't have any idea about inverters. But then, i thought about homeopathic doctors. You visit them for any disease, they have medicine for that. I bet they will have medicine for disease which doesn't exist too. So, i remembered my "padosi" homeopathic doctor and started unplugging all wires. Then i plugged them again. I asked for hammer. They were standing with tester(to check electrical connection) and were amused at my demand. I stroke the battery terminals using the hammer. After all this, i thought there should be some technical thing.

me: You don't have voltage stabilizer attached to it. So due to voltage fluctuation, the battery junction was choked.carbon jam gaya tha, hatana parta hai.

Old man: Thank you, beta.

Next morning, i was preparing to leave. Old man came and said,"thank you..voltage is quite good now." I replied,"that was was easy."

And once, i went to buy deodorant. I am not much into it and i went to shop to buy any deo of Rs. 100-150. Shopkeeper knows me. Here's the part of conversation.

Shopkeeper: When do you come?

me: 2 days back. I need a deo.

He placed two deo in front of me. One of Reebok and other one of NIKE. I was thinking to ask for some indian brand.

SK: kya bataye sir!!! yahan koi smajhta hi nai hai acche brand ka value. logo ko nike do to kahenge mehnga hai. Yahan logo ko "local" de do. usi me khus rahenge. Goa me to aisa nai hota hoga.

me: hmmm..there people have more money that here. So their purchasing capacity is greater.

SK: Which one you are taking? NIKE?

The albatross cross was hung round me. If i didn't take one from the two, he would brand me as common people. So to make him comfortable and for the sake of pride of my race, i chose the NIKE.

Monday, December 20, 2010

To home, Gollum and Wall

Journey by train has its own fun, frolic and experiences. And when you are travelling with college friends, fun and thrill get multiplied. After the end of the last semester, I and my friend were scheduled to go by Patna Vasco Express. When we reached station, we were first greeted by my hostel warden and one more mathematics faculty. Both were going by the same train.(our hostel warden is a nice and friendly person and therefore we don't fear him)

This train is the only direct train from Goa to Bihar, so there were many BITSians. One 4th year girl and one 1st year guy had seat in front of ours. After some time, GOLLUM (i regret for those who don't know gollum) came.

The junior with us was a non-ideal college student. He sleeps at 10 pm, wakes at 5 am, goes for chanting(courtesy ISKCON people), attend all classes, keeps himself updated with class. No wonder, he is expecting 9 gpa. Like metals at 0 kelvin, gollum bhai(as we say him) is perfectly ideal college student. Train started and so our discussion. We asked the junior about his first semester experiences. He was full praise for faculties, institute and everything. He started giving us tips on "ladki patana" and "getting cgpa".(And i thought we were seniors)

So, gollum bhai was very much interested in cgpa building tips. Gollum bhai told him his daily routine. Here goes his daily routine:
09:00 am - Breakfast
10:00 am - dc/sleep/class (priority level from left to right)
01:00 pm - lunch
02:00 pm - lab/sleep
05:00 pm - basketball
08:00 pm - bath
09:00 pm - dinner
09:30 pm - mongi
11:00 pm - guitar
12:00 pm - dc
01:00 am - movies

Junior was asked to take out time from the busy schedule for gollum's studies.

junior: leave dc. That's waste of time.

gollum: arre, dc?? dc is my moral commitment. If i don't go, people will miss me.

junior: decrease the time on dc.

gollum: yaar jaan-pehchaan thora jyada hai dc pe. 1 hour to hi-hello me nikal jata hai.

junior: leave basketball.

gollum: log kehte hai ki main accha khelta hoom, ab nai jaunga to accha nai lagega.

junior: Then you continue. I can't say anything.

Next day, we were playing antrakshari and dumb charades. All BITSian in train joined us. A moment later, math faculty Vineet sir, too joined us. In dumb charades, Vineet sir always guessed actor as Amitabh Bachhan. Like every end of dumb charades, ours too ended at movies like bhagte bhoot ki khulti langoti and bargad ki per par latki churail. Gollum bhai, much to our surprise, was very good at old hindi songs. We asked him for the inspiration of the same. Perhaps, it was the senior girl, gollum bhai hesitated to disclose the inspiration.

At night, gollum bhai disclosed the inspiration. Her name was kacchra wali. He said that his love was very serious. It started when gollum bhai was in class 10. kacchra wali' and gollum bhai's houses were 50 feet apart. It all started when gollum bhai used to study in his terrace, she too used to study at her terrace. Both used to see each other. They never talked. This see-game continued for about 4 month. You people must have watched hundred of bollywood movies, where there are loving couple, they dance around trees on some emotional bollywood track and toward the end of the movie, there is a "wall" in between them. That wall may be baap, bhai, paisa, amiri-garibi, chacha, dada and their is a emotional speech which melts their heart and breaks the metaphorical "wall". But gollum bhai's love story is slightly different. Yes, there is a "wall" but this is real "wall". A new construction started in 50 feet between their house and in 4 month, the "wall" of new construction reached to such height that it started obstructing their view. After class 10, gollum bhai went to Bokaro. During one vacation, when gollum bhai was visiting his home, again he saw her. This time she was throwing away "kacchra". And henceforth the name,"kacchra wali".

Friday, December 10, 2010

Incomplete,Undecided...(A Great Dilemma)

Recently three incidents (sorry accidents) happened that i can't take my attention off them.

1. There is a guy, who got Average+16(in our lingo, its called 'av') in one exam. When we got our answer sheets back, he overwrote on an answer for 2 more marks. Unfortunately, he got caught and got 'Registration Cancelled' in that course.

2. Another student, he made a false output file when he was unable to get a correct program in our programming test. Teacher caught him. He started crying, not for his mistake but for two more marks.

3. One student got Average-1 marks. While checking his evaluated paper, he found one of his question wrongly corrected. He was given marks for one wrong answer. He went back to teacher pointing the same. (Teacher doesn't cut his marks :)

I won't comment on correctness of any one's act because i don't have necessary qualification for that. Because if i were av-15 and then somewhere i get marks for wrong answer, my morale is under doubt. But certainly these acts disturb me. Many a times, i wonder,"Is this for i am here?"

When i started here, i was never concerned about my marks. I thought its OK as long as i understand the subject. But now, there is a big change in me, I am getting good marks but at the same point I am thinking of the methods to get more marks. Earlier, my thrust was how this circuit works? Why people made it? Now i think,"They will ask questions to calculate current in this circuit. Let's mug up how to solve this." Another experience, i had av-10 in one subject and i decided not to study that because even though i'll study it, i will get a 'C' grade again. This is an example of loser's attitude, I have. It's really very shameful. Indeed, my CG is increasing, everybody is happy, my parents, friends, everyone. But everyday, I question myself,"Is this correct?". And always there are two Harsh answering and I am unable to decide whom should i listen to and why. The first of two people, i mentioned in start are above 8 CG and the third one has below average CG (6.1). Why the first two people did that sort of act? May be because they have to live up to their status(here, people's status and reputation is decided on the basis of CG) or because they have to please their parents. And reason for the last one, just because he has a low CG, one more 'D' grade doesn't make a difference or because he has a low CG, his parents don't have any expectation from him. I have no clue about their motives, but these reasons look like some possible answers.

I again say that i can't comment who is right and who is wrong because i am not in a position to do so. But now when i am gradually learning to get marks, i feel incomplete and more vulnerable to my motives and my knowledge.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Four of Life

Please have a look at the picture above. This picture has got a lot of meaning. In the first frame, there is a child playing besides a small tree in the backdrop which reminds you of early morning. In the second one, there is a young couple making love in a soothing environment besides the same tree which now has grown to moderate height. Third frame, depicts a old man who seems lonely and worn out, standing beside the old tree with falling withered leaves amidst a gloomy background. And the last frame...nothing but death. This picture has all ingredient of life but my question is will my transition from third to fourth will be contented and smooth or i will be haunted by my past.
Certainly everyone has got one's eye and that looks at same thing different from others. Now, when we are out of the first frame, i urge you to close your eyes and remember your cherished moments of first frame of your own picture. When i did the same, i recalled the first day when i went to school, the only time i stole and the following redemption, when i first break into top-10 of my class, first time i offered my seat to a lady in a bus and one more(i decided not to write it here.) Let me tell you what happened to me after my first theft.(That was a eraser and the time is when i was in class 2) As soon as my father knew about it, he took me to the child's house whose eraser was. Then he told me to gave him back and say sorry in front of his whole family member. That time i felt very bad but now i think that was the best thing a parent could do. After that, i can say i never thought of stealing anything ever. Ohho, i went offtrack, how many moments do you remember??? I am sure, like me, your precious moments were either of two extreme. Either very good or very bad. And i can say, you are regretting those bad moments like i do.
Good. First frame over. Regret over those bad thing is good but the best thing is that we should modify our act and behaviour for now onwards such that there is no moments of shame and remorse while we go to fourth frame of our picture. Instead we should do as good and noble things that they form a shadow on our previous bad. Another thing is that, the definition is good and bad is up to you. Nobody is going to question you except for your own conscience. Everyday i try to be good but end up as becoming bad for some people but i am satisfied that at least i am trying. And who knows in trying, may be one day i will succeed. Other things which are counted in satisfaction, are goal achievement, friends, relatives, family. But what i perceive, that these all things should be in one pack because they compliment each other. Suppose you become whatever you wanted to, but there are no friends to enjoy it, no family to relish it. Then after some time, your achievements seems futile. Similarly we can argue that there is a family for which we make a goal.
So what are you thinking??

Thursday, December 2, 2010

End Semester-Feedback

One another semester is going to end in a few days. Like at the end of year, we analyse ourselves, i introspect myself after every semester. I ask myself different sort of questions and then rate myself on a scale of 10. And then, i recommend myself suggestion for my well being. I strongly believe that these questions are worth to be questioned to everybody so that people, who feel themselves that they are perfect or their life is going in right pace to right destination, should know where they stand.

(Questions are asked in the order of importance and necessity.)

Question 1. Three semesters are over. Still you don't have girlfriend. What the hell are you doing with your life?

Question 2. Waves was in this semester. So many girls were there. Still you were limited to just staring at the girls from the other colleges. That seriously questions your effective public speaking ?

Question 3. Whole semester, you sat behind your crush in the class. Still she didn't notice you. Don't you think, you should make a honest effort to change your personality?

Question 4. In the class, you constantly looked at your crush. Still you somehow get a D grade.I mean if you are really interested in her, you should get nothing more than an 'E' grade. That should be your level of dedication.

Question5. You and your friend were similar in all respect, now he has a girlfriend. Still you are single. Don't you think, you are less adaptive to changes?(For AH5 people, any guesses about my friend???)

Question6. During prom you lost hope after 5 rejections. Always remember "If you do not hope, you will not find what is beyond your hope". Anything to say?

Question7. You still fumble around while speaking to a girl after so many years.. I mean come on!!

Now some unimportant and trifle questions, which you can opt not to answer. (Anyway, you don't have answer for this.)

Question8.How do you account for your poor CGPA?

Question9.Everyday you wake up after 11 am. What you will answer?

Question10. You remember, in last exam, you forget the name of your instructor while writing in attendance sheet. Don't think you should remember at least the name?