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Four Laws Of Commitment

Yesterday, one of my friends knocked quite enthusiastically on my door. That sort of knocking normally results from either presence of any girl in our hostel vicinity(which is otherwise marked by the dull looking security guard with a unidirectional gaze) or during occasional power cuts at night. I opened the door and Midas break in with his full vigour.

Midas: Sangeeta got a boyfriend.

me: Who is she?

Midas: are meri wali ki dost.

me: ohh...that's great. But i don't think that guy is you. So why are you so happy?

Midas(with so much energy in sound): Oh come on.....see i got a theory. Her another close friend Deeksha is already committed. Now she will feel lonely and left out at times. And i see a chance here for myself.

me: Best of luck.

Next day, we both were sitting at mongi(our cake shop) sipping coffee and observing people coming and going. We started discussing signs if one boy and girl walking together are committed or not. Here is the conclusion of our Ph.D thesis:



I am coming after attending a wonderful conference organised by  Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL) called grass root. I thank Amrit( and his enthusiastic community for their hard work and commitment. I have seen Amrit working like hell for it and people should feel indebted to him for this wonderful conference. Well, most of the speakers were pretty simple, with no frills, and interactive style of communication. I personally don't like TRW style of presentations, because essentially i can't connect with the speaker, amongst other factors. (TRW is one of our courses which teaches us how to give presentations, speeches.) Have a look at the speakers at (Three of six speakers were bald, i suspect the reason that they are more open to ideas than ours.)

Some lines i still remember of the speakers are:

"I got research papers from professors, i am sorry professors but they were absolutely bullshit."…

Lokotosav-10 (Goa)

While looking for the newly opened KFC in Panjim, we(i and my friend) bumped into lokotosav-10 (लोकोत्सव-10). This is a handicraft fair organised by Government of Goa. Fair included the handicraft galleries of different states for which those states are famous for, like puppets from Rajesthan, embroidery works from Karnatka and Uttar Pradesh, Wood arts from Tamilnadu, Madhubani paintings from Bihar. Apart from that there were traditional dance shows from Rajesthan, Orissa(As much as i saw).

Puppet (कठपुतली)
                                                               Clay arts
                                                                Madhubani Paintings
Even the man behind the counter didn't know the name.

Say Sorry

New year...New resolutions...New hope...New thoughts...New energy...Isn't this?

We think of all good that we will do in the coming year. After 15 days, energy exhausts, thought vanishes, hope diminishes and resolution breaks. This happens every year but does it stop us from making new year resolutions. doesn't. One year, i resolved to say sorry in case of misunderstanding with anyone, but 3 years since then, I haven't succeeded yet.

Saying 'sorry' is the toughest thing, i suppose. Because it costs one's ego, questions self esteem and makes one low in the eyes of people who can't understand it's meaning. I have a friend, very dear to me. We have been friends since we were in class 4. Then we were room mates when we went for our engineering entrances. We share some of the beautiful chapters of our life. That was the first time, we were out of our family. So, we acted as each other's support. I didn't know how to use electric iron on clo…

एक सफ़र..

नव वर्ष की बधाइयाँ  !!!!

सुबह-सुबह ट्रेनों में "चाय-चाय" के सद्यिओं पुरानी गला बैठा कर निकाली गयी आवाज़ के आदी मेरे कानो को जब लोहे की टकराने की आवाज़ सुनाई दी, तो मेरा पहला अंदेशा ट्रेन की पटरी से उतर जाने का था. भारत में रहते हुए और ट्रेन में सफ़र करते हुए ट्रेनों की पटरी से उतर जाने पे दुखी नहीं  होना चाहिए, बल्कि भगवन का धन्यवाद देना चाहिए कि "पटरी से ही उतरी, पुल से नहीं गिरी". खैर ठण्ड की सुबह कम्बल से निकलना अच्छा नहीं लग रहा था, लेकिन उस आवाज़ की उत्सुकता ने बाहर आने पर मजबूर कर दिया. और जो मैंने देखा, वो आप लोग भी नीचे चित्र में देखिये.

ये दृश्य है, धमारा घाट नाम के स्टेशन का. आस पास के लोगो ने बताया की ये जगह दूध के उत्पादन के लिए प्रसिद्ध है, और पूरी मिथिलांचल में किसी के शादी-श्राद्ध आदि अवसरों के लिए दूध यही से मंगाया जाता है. ये साइकिल  दूध  के व्यापारियों  की है. लोगो ने बताया की खास अवसरों के लिए दूध का आर्डर पहले देना पड़ता हैं और तय दिन दूध के सौदागर साइकिल और दूध के कनिस्तर सहित ट्रेन में चढ़ते है और ग्राहक के गाँव के नजदीकी स्टेशन उतर कर सीधे स…