Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Where Borders are Just lines, not Divides.

"INDIA"  Most of the recent buzz around this word was indeed negative.

Some of the recent headlines are:
  1. 2G Spectrum Scam:  Rs.1.76-lakh crore
  2. Commonwealth Games Scam: Rs. 70000 crore
  3. Adarsh Society Scam:
  4. Karnataka Land Scam:
Moresoever, India is spending heavily on account of lobbying and diplomacy for permanent seat in United Nation Security Council and ironically our external affairs' minister reads the speech of the Portuguese minister at security council showing the world how responsible we are. (He did not even realise it until an Indian official pointed out despite the Portugal's minister having already read his speech) For those who don't know, India has been recently given a toy (read temporary membership of Security Council) so that the child keeps mum for at least the coming two years.

After a long time, I felt proud of our Bharat. Someone aptly commented that foreigners get their tongues tied speaking our language, but we Indians can speak any language of the world as easily as shepherd tends to his sheep. And why not, Bharat is home to 22 official languages and 400 associated dialects and mother tongues. After every 50 kilometers, dialect changes. Isn't that amazing??

Every religion, at its heart, spreads the message of love, harmony, forbearance and benevolence. And our country is the birth place of 4 world religions and home to 33 million Gods. One author remarked," Now, I believe in God. Otherwise it's impossible to handle such diversity in a single nation." Yes, there are some linguistic, regional and religious feuds but then which home doesn't have fights.

Amir Khusro, one of the greatest Indians of all time described his homeland by the following words:

If any foreigner comes by, he will have to ask for nothing,
because we treat him as our own;
play an excellent host and win their heart,
and show them how to smile like a flower;

Reason? Because there coexist 5000 castes and communities and we know how to respect people. Some people acclaim Bharat as a Hindu nation, but with 300 million Muslims living with pride and honour, as any fellow countryman does, we have the 2nd highest population of Muslims in the world.

As a land blessed by greats like Lord Buddha, Lord Mahavir, Guru Nanak Dev ji, Mahatma Gandhi, we are proud followers of non violence and non alignment. . Don't just concentrate on the negative side, relishing our positive part is easier than you'd think.  

मेरा भारत महान!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Economics of Relationship ;)

Long back, one friend of mine taught me a very important rule. Like Socrates, he said,"Every able and girl seeking boy should have a special pocket in his wallet. The money of that pocket should be used only and only when the girl of his choice demands something and never for any other purpose." Well i call that fund, girl-fund. In my case, i deposited Rs. 100 note with serial number 56R 209587. Now, that money looks like antique piece and worth more than its face value. (Any one interested in collecting old currencies, feel free to contact me.) Termite has badly attacked on it and you can see, it has yet to prove its usefulness. Once my bike was short on petrol and i had to drag it to way down my home but i didn't use the emergency fund.

But this is not the situation with all. Some fortunate evolved species on this planet have girl friends. So, you are thinking that they are the happiest organisms on earth. Unfortunately, no. Lets see this with an example.
Poor and Rich, both are the extremes of our society. Rich and poor have their problems out of phase by 180 degrees.(Sorry, kabhi to lagna chahiye ki main engineering kar raha hun, well out of phase 180 degrees means drastically opposite.) Like rich complain of sleeplessness, and poor gets sound sleep after backbreaking day. Rich go to so called philanthropic organisation seminar to find truth of life and if poor give his time for the same, he will die before the harsh truth of life.

Similarly people with girl friend have their own problem. Their bank balance have one place less than the non-girl friend people. Bhaiyas manning the ATMs with their Chinese handsets playing 90s songs are the close acquaintance of girl friend wale log. I know a girl who never has her dinner in mess. Shahi Darbar(our college restaurant with one gravy for every cuisines. And in hurry, they can serve you paneer butter masala as chicken 65. Actually, shahi people name the dish with the whatever first name comes in their mind.)

Some data(based on the survey on my friends):

Monthly Expenditure:*

1. Long Distance: Rs.500-600
    Expanses goes on mobile recharges(of both party).

2. On Campus Placement:
    There are two extremes. One who go out on dinner everyday and other one who is content with Nescafe only. Their expenditure amounts to Rs. 900-5000.

(*There are some people who are after the sales girls in food eateries. For ex: Slim Shady)

 I hope, with these sort of information, boys should be clear on their bank account before they take a step forward and girls,"can you show some mercy?"

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Never Say Die

With reference to my earlier posts on Midas Laws of Commitment and Practical Physics , I have some new news. Its a mixture of good and bad news. So, which one should i write first, good or bad?? We are in habit of copying celebrities, their hair style, dresses, shoes, ear rings etc etc. So, to decide, which news i should write first, i decided to copy Padma Lakshmi. She first announced the good news that she is pregnant and then because of privacy issues, she refused to name the baby's father. Let's hope she becomes certain of it before the baby's birth.

So, good news is that Midas has got expertise in psychology and sociology. As, in the last post i mentioned that he expected his crush to feel the need of some luv-suv to fend off her loneliness as her friends are getting hooked up. His forecast turned true, so its a good news that now we can get Midas's expertise for other girls. Now, the bad news is  that the guy is not Midas.

Midas is a changed man.(Anyone will be after two consecutive set backs.) Two nights back, i was talking to him regarding how he was feeling and if he had thought of any new target. Instead of usual answer like," koi nai, teesri mil jayegi and chalta hai". Midas replied in a very calm and serene voice," These two relationships have taught me that you have to wait for the right person."

I wondered if there was any relationship. You can't term gazing , saying 'excuse me' in mess, a relationship.

me: you are talking like a looser.

Midas(continuing in his calm voice): There is nothing like win and lose. It is about meeting people with same frequency.

Next day to our discussion, our college's Technical fest, Quark, started. Here people love dancing. Play Munni and Shiela, and you see herds of guys and girls flocking around. There was a food court, where one of the stalls was playing songs and in half an hour around 100 people started dancing there. We 10 people too were dancing and suddenly an outstation participant asked if she could join us. We were more than welcome for her. After our party was over, Midas came with face full of excitement. Then he informed us how he struck a conversation with that girl. She was from Punjab and blah blah. And she was here to participate in BITS-MUN.(Model United Nation)

Next day, Midas was seen in his black shirt, denim jeans standing outside Lecture Theatre.(venue of BITS MUN).
(This is sort of uniform for him. He wears it whenever he visits place where there is a chance to impress upon girls. You see, important occasions.)

Interestingly, his laptop password is ,"Never Say Die."