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It happens all the time. At railway stations, at airports, at bus stations...everywhere.

Raghav searched for the car keys in his pockets. He opened the arched gate and latched it as silently as he could lest the sleeping watchman finds him sheepishly. The gate of the house was far from the place where the car was parked, yet he was finding it difficult to prolong his departure. He sat in the car, rolled down the window and looked at the balcony of the house she lived.
Who is she?
Doesn't matter for us. 
There was no one at balcony. Did he expected her to be watching him? Did he expect her to smile graciously and wave while he drive himself away? It would have been better. Why do people come to say Goodbye at station? Train stops for just two minutes. You can't talk much in two minutes. You have just enough time to say Goodbye. 
Raghav looked at the balcony one more time. Still no one. He checked his phone in case she left him a message. 

A sea of grief was coming to …