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The Immortals Of Meluha- A Review

I bow to Amish. Except for his large picture at the back cover of the book, I love everything about this book. When we look at the best-sellers of Indian authors, we are left disgusted with the thought that,” Ohh..our India is that bad. We don’t know that…”. Many of these books portray poverty and hunger in India, which are written, perhaps, keeping in mind the western readers who still envision India as land of snakes and naked people. Amidst all these, Amish has tried a very different approach. Rather than writing sarcasm on India, he writes a fiction draped in our worldwide respected mythology and used it to find solutions to our contemporary problems.

What do we like to read?

Either something we connect to or we fantasize about. This book has both the necessary ingredients of any perfect read. Growing up in a beautiful secular country, most of us idolize or at least know about Shiva. Yes! The same Shiva who used to charm us, as a child, with a fierce snake round his neck. In fac…