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The Immortals Of Meluha- A Review

I bow to Amish. Except for his large picture at the back cover of the book, I love everything about this book. When we look at the best-sellers of Indian authors, we are left disgusted with the thought that,” Ohh..our India is that bad. We don’t know that…”. Many of these books portray poverty and hunger in India, which are written, perhaps, keeping in mind the western readers who still envision India as land of snakes and naked people. Amidst all these, Amish has tried a very different approach. Rather than writing sarcasm on India, he writes a fiction draped in our worldwide respected mythology and used it to find solutions to our contemporary problems.

What do we like to read?

Either something we connect to or we fantasize about. This book has both the necessary ingredients of any perfect read. Growing up in a beautiful secular country, most of us idolize or at least know about Shiva. Yes! The same Shiva who used to charm us, as a child, with a fierce snake round his neck. In fac…

Its Always Darkest Before The Dawn


The only sound is of ticking of clock.
I can't see anything. I have a habit of glancing down my palm, just to check if my fortune is changing. Alas! it  never happens. It is too dark for me to have a look on my palm. Perhaps, in this darkness; while i am unable to see anything; there might be someone who is changing my hand lines. I don't know if this "someone" is angel to help or devil to destroy. Actually no one knows except time. Time is very powerful. Time has answer for everything. I don't mind if that angel or devil, whatever, changes in light. But i think they can't because otherwise their identity will be revealed and may be i will drive them away if they are bad one.
Time passes.
I am waiting for light. 
I am fearless. 
But darkness is not bearable for a long time. I think there might be light at some other place.
I make my mind to search for light.
I start walking. I see people around me. But they have light, only i am in dark. I run p…

Coal Story-The Dark Side

Government has promised to provide electricity to every household in coming few years. According to their roadmap, they are to install 800,000 MW of power production units with 70% of total production coming from coal based plants. Now, when I am writing this article, India’s total power production from coal based plants stands at 80,000 MW through hundreds of plants distributed across the country. India’s increased stress on coal based plants has a little, if not full (though some reports say otherwise), inspiration from China’s power policy where a new coal based plant was commissioned every 15 days for the last two years.

But what policy makers of India are trying to ignore in their resolution to generate 560,000 MW from coal, are the increased challenges at social and environmental fronts. Increased population and industrialisation are already demanding large share of land for housing, industry and infrastructure. Apart from these, we need fertile land to feed and provide employm…

A word says it all

Vinita Dawra Nangia, a prominent columnist at TOI, in her recent article, talks of a single word that explains a person. As she advocates her concept, she elucidates that each one of us represents a word and that word stands for our expectations, love, aspiration, courage and for the very reason of our existence.

Amitabh Bacchan is ‘Angry Young Man’ and the legend of Hindi Cinema, Dilip Kumar is ‘Tragedy King’ on the 70 mm silver screen. If we can give words for reel life, we can find words for real characters too. It is difficult indeed, because I see this word as a tunnel to the world of our liking from the world where we have been made to live. As I appreciate this concept, I link it with the goal of our life. Right at this juncture, my youthful mind dreams of everything that I missed at some point of my life and I think those all are under my reach. I want a car; I want to live with my family; I want to visit different places. Will these things give me pleasure? I suspect. Proba…

Ye Ishq haye....

15 days to end of PS. Mixed feelings. I got many new friends, learnt many new things and I have to go home. When I first stepped in this village(Rawatbhata), scorching sun, leafless trees, dry canals and lot of pigs on otherwise lonely road of summer afternoon greeted us. Evenings were spent at juice stalls seeping sugarcane juice, watching girls racing on their pep+ resembling foolan devi with scarf wrapped around faces to protect from hot winds. But last few days have no adjective to describe them. First few rains of monsoon have changed the whole surrounding. Trees get leaves, canal get water and we get uncensored beauty. Once my PS gets over, I will say more of it. Just some moments before writing this post, I was talking to …….umm leave his name; Shakespeare too said, “What’s in the name?” He is a close friend of mine. While talking, he doesn’t seem to be himself; I asked him if everything was all right.

Friend: yaar, feels like vacuum created in my stomach.

Me: Why you skipped …

Robin Hood... We need you!!

We need a Robin Hood. Needn’t we?
When Senior Loseley says,” cometh the moment cometh the man”; Robin realises his need and saves the England. As his tales goes, he was the man who robbed from rich and distributes amongst poor.But what will today’s Robin Hood do? Will he rob banks? I heard about many gangsters that did the same in kosi region of Bihar. Or will they sit on fast until death as Baba Ramdev did? Our desi Robin Hood thinks that his fast will force government to make an agreement with Swiss banks (at least he knows the place) and then those private banks will give us money of their clients(if any). For a moment, lets create a hypothetical situation where the government has all the money that they want to carry their developmental programmes. What do you think they will do? As I say it often, the government will come up with a new developmental scheme aimed at painting the outer wall of home when the whole roof is rickety. In other words, government will envisage a new pro…

The Median 2: Halfway to college life

1st semester. Those were the days when I used to go mess 4 times a day; that I still do. Just timings have changed. What that used to be breakfast those days, are now rescheduled to 1 A.M. NC. One day, I came back after dinner and heard some heated arguments at hostel entrance. After paying a little notice, I realised that noise is not futile but some intellectual hi-fi topic because only two people were speakers and rest 10 had surrounded them in hope of little increase in their knowledge or just to get socialised. These small discussions play a very important role in first few weeks of college as they create opportunities for likeminded people to interact among themselves. As for example, if discussion is on India vs. Australia in cricket or Man U vs. Chelsea, people can easily find their supporters. Isn’t this? However let’s come back to that discussion. Out of natural curiosity, I stood there for a while to get the theme of their interesting discussion.
First guy: You can’t ques…

The Median: Halfway to college life

After the trauma that spanned two years of my life, it was the reaping time. The crop was giving me mixed feelings. I had option of many colleges to choose from, but finally after several rounds of dinner table conferences with papa’s colleagues and my tea party with seniors of my town; we settled down to BITS. When I was on my way to BITS-Hyderabad, several answers were still doubtful. Though the questions of those answers covered a wide range like,” Is this new campus good enough?, Is this dual degree a good option, Should I waste one year?”, but one particular section of questions were disturbing me more than any other and that was regarding my compatibility with new environment. These questions were important when I considered my small town background. But now after two years that makes me 50% engineer, I have no doubt left. Every question has now got awesome answers. But this post is about the people who made those answers awesome. Cheers to you all.
 August 1, 2009. This was my…

The Shadow and Shine

Bharat and India are personification of two identities living in our country. India visualises itself as a state constituted by people doing hard work for every single penny they earn at MNCs, who go to malls, spend 200 bucks on a movie, make movie like bheja fry hit, and set the picture of our country as everything happy-happy. On the contrary, Bharat is constituted by people who earn their living by back breaking hard work at any construction site in Gurgaon, or the farmers working in scorching sun in any poor village of Uttar Pradesh, or illegal miners in the mines abandoned by CIL in Jharkhand.

India and Bharat are radically different in almost every respect, be it culture, language or lifestyle. Though the area of India has increased post 1991's change in policy of country, our government has recognised these two separate state in our country from a long time. As acclaimed, our budgets were also aimed at strengthening Bharat with rich India. It is still debatable if economi…

Tryst with Bhoot at 3 AM

"Knock Knock.."

"3 in the morning, must be Midas..always comes to ask for NC(night canteen) when it is too late, and then we ask the canteen guys, "kuch to bacha hoga, bhaiya" run to C mess or it may be Rastogi asking for something to eat or may be Vinayak asking difference between induction and Dc motor", i wondered how many thoughts raced in my mind without knowing who is knocking.

"hmm...coming"... i replied in a voice which clearly showed how much afraid i am of running to mess or to differentiate between two motors which collectively rotates almost everything on this earth.

"Ohh..Abhinav, you here!!!" i was amazed at my guessing skills that i couldn't think of the very guy next door, Abhinav, a year junior to us.

"Haan Bhaiya, Were you sleeping?"

"No No..was watching a movie..wanna join?"

"No" came his reply.

There was something unusual though. He was not looking the same. Looked as if he w…


This world is of advertisement. Companies don't miss any opportunity, haven't you watched IPL? They have got sponsor at every possible inch of their apparel. So, while watching IPL last evening, I was struck with a new brilliant idea of selling sponsorship of marriages.

Imagine marriage invitations will be like:
HUGGIES presents
                                   TANU WEDS                                                            MANU
At the marriage venue, a large banner will be displayed:
DOWRY PARTNERS: MARUTI SUZUKI, TANISHQ, NOKIA We wish for your happy life ahead.
APPLIANCES PARTNER: LG, VIDEOCON Unquestionable Trust.  May God create trust between the divine pair like customers trust on us.
PHOTOGRAPHY PARTNER: CANON May the all Almighty retains your love as it is today.
UNITED PRESSURE COOKER khaye jao, khaye jao; United ke gun gaye jao
AMUL Taste of India
I hope people don't need any child partner ;).

LCC 420

TELEBRANDS - Hi friends, Pehle me bahut dukhi rehta tha !! Hmesha hatash rehta tha !! Mujhse padhai nhi ho pati thi. 1 assignment complete karne me mahino lag jate the. Hostel walo ke tane sun ke ro diya krta tha. Fir maine is naye club ke bare me suna - !!!!!!....LCC*....!!!!! Ye wakai lajawab hai, Ab main puri technical book library me complete kar leta hun. Duniya bhar ke taane aur galiyan apni girl friend se hans ke sun leta hu. Kitni bhi tough assignment aaye us se padh leta hun.

*LCC-- Ladki Chahiye Club

After this short promotion by one of the successful members of LCC, there is a story which will inspire everyone
of you.

1 year back:

Place: Corridor, Second Floor, Hostel AH5

"He can't do anything."

"Getting a girl is difficult; he can't get one."

"Guys, see the boy to girl ratio here, then we are from AH5, and at last he is sad Aarush."

"I will!!! Screw you, guys.. You will see one day..." came a confident yet meek voice of Aarush.



popped up in my chat box. Adrenaline flowed and heartbeat doubled with the sight of the name on chat box. Things were not the way they should be and this "hi" was threatening because you had no clue what was it for. May be a new start or may be the last nail on already withered, inexpressive and non responsive relation. There was a mixed feeling- pleasure that yes i was going to talk, excitement because the envelope was still closed and whatever was inside was still unknown, fear of losing(i don't know why because i dont have anything).

Many things deceive. Their importance is hidden. Trifle things to us can have immense value to someone else. And this was how this chat box was important for me. This was not just a medium of two way communication but an expression, a mouthpiece to say whatever we couldn't have said otherwise. Perhaps even more for this girl.

me: Hi

me: How are you?

Diya: fine, u say?

me: good.

Now a lull for a minute was killing beca…

Couplets From Kabir, Rahim and Amir Khusro

पोथी पढ़ पढ़ जग मुआ, पंडित भयो ना कोय, ढाई आखर प्रेम के, जो पढ़े सो पंडित होए.
Meaning: Written by kabir, perhaps the most used couplet in day to day life. It says that no one has ever attained greatness by just reading books. One who knows the meaning of love and forbearence is really great.

गुरु गोविन्द दोउ खरे, काके लागू पाये, बलिहारी गुरु आपने, गोविन्द दियो मिलाये.
Meaning: Written by kabir, this couplet examines the importance of teacher in our life. It states that if God and teacher, both are present before us, whiom should we choose. We should choose teacher, because it is he who made us understand the meaning of God.
बुरा जो देखन मैं चला, बुरा ना मिलिया कोए, जो मन खोजा आपणा, मुझसे बुरा ना कोए.

Meaning: Again creation of Kabir. It underlines the importance of introspection. It says that one goes on finding evil in everyone but i couldn't find it anywhere. When one introspects oneself, there is no one more bad than me.
रहिमन धागा प्रेम को, मत तोरो चटकाव, टूटे से फिर ना मिले, मिले गाँठ…

Wings Of Change

***********This article was published in leading Pakistan's daily,"The Express Tribune"*******

NEW DELHI: The electricity keeps cutting out, the Internet connection is crackly and the speakers don’t always work, but Santosh Kumar knows that 20 pupils far away in eastern India are relying on him.
Once a week, Kumar uses the Skype computer programme to teach maths to children in Chamanpura, a poor village in the struggling state of Bihar, 600 miles (970 kilometres) from his two-storey house in the suburbs of New Delhi.

The free Internet service allows the class to see, via a projector, Kumar’s tutorial which includes an animated tale about a greedy priest and a wily countryman to teach the students about numbers and the concept of infinity.“The first time I did this, they were really excited by the technology, now they don’t care,” Kumar said. “It’s normal to them.”

Kumar, a successful 34-year-old engineer, grew up in Chamanpura village before battling his way to a place at…

Little things called Av.

Among many lines of interest like Poverty Line, Greenwich Mean Line, Sir Creek Line; there is one more line which has a psychological impact on the entire student community belonging to the colleges where relative grading is followed. Between the two different states of joy and sorrow, interesting and isolated behaviour, there is a fine line of Average lovingly referred to as Av.
Just after a paper gets over, instead of what was asked before,"paper kaisa gaya? " or self confidence boosting comments like,"paper was tough and kitna lengthy tha?" , now the question on every mouth is "Av kitna jayega?" Many a times, it reminds me of recent advertisements floated during the World Cup to exploit the cricket fever among Indians. As a parallel of that," Ek hi to sawal hai, mongi pe discuss karata hai. Dinner pe bird-watching bhi nahi karne deta. Sare chehro par ek hi sawal; Arey Av kya jayega ?"

As soon as the teacher enters the room for paper distrib…

DC \m/

Special Thanks To ......................................*:

(*name withheld on request)y

DC++ is an important part of every BITSian life. When test/exam make people wander all night like Zombie snatching reports, class notes, there is one permanent place to chill out.

Yesterday was no exception, CAS assignment was killing our beautiful sunday morning. Everone of us has no clue to question itself, leave alone solution. The horrible MATLAB screen was making making fun of our restlessness by cracking beautiful jokes on FFT and DFT by giving errors which was not identified by google too.

Amongst all these catastrophe, when nothing seemed to help and the only solution to the problem was to end our lives, there was this guy who remembered his love and came to DC which relieved his mind and one more talented engineer was saved from trauma.

Enjoy his chat:

[01:06] Boy> Hey!!!!!
[01:06] Boy> :)
[01:06] Boy> kya haal hai
[01:07] Girl> :|
[01:07] Boy> madam
[01:07] Boy> boliye

How it All Started...part 2

Click here to read the first part of the story.

"Deep" comes the reply in not so attractive, yet meek and gentle voice.

Though the whole WAVES of mine went in trying different schemes to talk to HR girls, yet occasional interruption of Deep through hi-hello gave feel-good feeling. After WAVES, life was back to normal, the same classes, games, library and sleep with an addition of a new friend. I was slowely recovering from Test 1 debacle and was assimilating with new environment of freedom and newly gained responsibility. Everything was perfect as it should be.

It was the last exam of the semester.. My train was bound the next day. While I was checking in at the security gate after bading good bye to a friend of mine, a familier voice trapped my attention. I turned back and saw a cute little figure carrying bags of weight more than hers.

"Good Bye.....Happy Vacation..." was her final words.

"Same to you..." was only what i managed to say.

First semester …

How it All Started...part 1

On timeline: Year 2009, first semester.

Where: Chemistry class

My chemistry lecturer was on full roll. He was explaining weird psi with all care so that no one could find out that he too is as much clueless on the Lord Shiva's balistic weapon's look alike as we are. (psi looks like trident or trishul  of Lord Shiva.) All melancholy faces were glued to the green board. Among those some enthusiast were copying as if those combination of psi's had some fortune making formulae.

I started yawning and when it looked impossible to pass those 50 minutes, i opened my EG(Engineering Graphics) textbook and started reading that day's assignment. Suddenly a girl perched on the vacant seat next to me. Apparently we two had same EG section because she was holding an  EG textbook in her hand. After a while, those skew lines made no sense to me and to save redo, i asked the girl as much timidly as i could if she can explain me. 
And she happily obliged. A brief "thank you" g…


My Mother: Hello....

Me: Hello..

Mother: How are you?

Me: Nothing......test morrow........studying..

Mother: you people have an exam every second day...(and suddenly remembering suicide cases due to exam pressure)..beta..aaram se paper dena...exam hi hai...

I don't have much idea about evaluation process in other universities, but in BITS, we follow continuousevaluation process which is collection of specially designed tasks over a period of time to test knowledge, understanding and skills attained by pupils. But to me, it is the check of patience, frustration and ability to hog through the night.

But i am not gonna talk about its advantages and disadvantages,but rather an interesting story of one of my exams.

Time: 5:00 PM
15 hours before my Mechanics of Solids paper(affectionately it is called as MOS)

Place: Road near Children's park.

I am happily chatting with a girl(whom unfortunately i liked). Considering my little knowledge in this subject, and already mountain full of …

Game Over: Press Enter to Restart :D

"you are not the kind of guy, I always dreamt of", girl said and looked at the bright neon light displaying Coca Cola in familiar Loki font.

And Slim Shady thought," sab film ka asar hai... isko lagta hai ki background me violin bajega, hawa chalegi... bullshit."

Slim Shady: Its ok. I dont have any problem. Everyone has one's own choice.

Girl: I don't really mean to hurt youbut you know.....know...i can't give my 100% to this relationship.
Slim Shady: What else can i say!!!

Girl: You are a nice guy. You can get a better girl.

Slim Shady (to himself): "koi nahi mila, tab to tere paas aaya" (to girl): hmm.......but you will never find a boy like me.

Girl: tere jaisa chahiye bhi to nahi. I dont want a guy like you otherwise why should i "reject".......err....i mean leave you.

Slim Shady has now lost all his hope and in despair started spilling over all emotional dialogue, he remembered so far.

Slim Shady: One day you will climb all the…

Why Jeson Likes Pink???

To all those who don't know, there are two halls in BITS-Goa, which serve food to 2000 people. The dishes which they prepare are not found in any other part of the world or may be what they serve is the distorted version of cuisines relished by others. Those two areas are popularly known as A-mess and C-mess. At the start of every month, every student is allowed to select either of the two messes depending on convenience. Now, that convenience includes proximity to girl's hostel, for some demons; proximity to library, and at last the quality of food. But this post is not about the food there but a sacred, pious love story of Jeson and A-mess staffs.

Perhaps, their love started much earlier but now jalim jamana knows about this. And as always jalim jamana is against their love. Here's is the conversation of two commoners.

Rusty: Bhaijaan!!! You heard about Jeson..

Bhaijaan: hmm....campus is buzzing with his tales.. Perhaps the trauma of two year "girl deprived" t…