My Mother: Hello....

Me: Hello..

Mother: How are you?

Me: Nothing......test morrow........studying..

Mother: you people have an exam every second day...(and suddenly remembering suicide cases due to exam pressure)..beta..aaram se paper dena...exam hi hai...

I don't have much idea about evaluation process in other universities, but in BITS, we follow continuous evaluation process which is collection of specially designed tasks over a period of time to test knowledge, understanding and skills attained by pupils. But to me, it is the check of patience, frustration and ability to hog through the night.

But i am not gonna talk about its advantages and disadvantages,but rather an interesting story of one of my exams.

Time: 5:00 PM
15 hours before my Mechanics of Solids paper(affectionately it is called as MOS)

Place: Road near Children's park.

I am happily chatting with a girl(whom unfortunately i liked). Considering my little knowledge in this subject, and already mountain full of av- on my head, ideally i should be studying this subject with all artificial zeal, i could generate. But you know, dil ka mamla hai...

Girl: Have you finished??

Me: (like dhoni, undecided till last moment wheather to play or leave the ball): Ummm.....yeah..sort of...only last chapter left..

Girl: Niceeee..

Me: Actually....I am blessed by three Gods living in front of me: God Sri Ram, God Vinayak and God Shiv.. They teach me..

(yes really....i am not three neighbours share their names with Gods.. but we refer to them rather as "kamina sriram", and rest i cannot not write..there is a report abuse button ;)

Girl: Ok....i have a little problem with Bending Moment me..

Me: Actually.........i have left this chapter only......

Our conversation lasted for 5 hours with all hope of my recovery cremated. And you know, Boys can never say, "ok..going to study.." because pata nahi, fir chance mile na mile..test ka kya hai..aate jate rehte know continuous evaluation process.

Time: 2:30 AM
 Venue:Hostel room
7 hours before exam.

My corridor is silent, occasionally that killing lull is broken by hanuman chalisa played by Mishra Ji. (another of my neighbours) By the way, this ongoing Test 2, Mishra ji has updated his exam time playlist with remix version of hanuman chalisa and durga ji ki aarti..

Suddenly a loud commotion breaks and sound of hustle-bustle starts coming. This sound forces me to take a peek outside. Midas comes, half panting..he says," want to see 3-d glasses"...."Roly brought it....."

I give a look at  the diagram, i am feeding upon..and then say," hmm......lets go...u tried.???."

"nahi many people in the queue........"

As soon as i entered in Roly's room....there was a 3d glass, but the movie............

Later, i was informed that the acclaimed 4 GB avtaar 3d print available on DC wasnt the 3d one..(now you know which 3d movies are left on DC)

Time: 9:15 AM
Venue: Examination Hall

I am doing desperate attempts with my calculator to find a meaningful number to write, but always ending up with stress value on beam of building in nanoNewton...

Time: 9:30 AM

Exam finishes.

I remember my mother's word."beta, aaram se dena...exam hi hai.."

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