Wednesday, December 28, 2016

God is a Gamer - Ravi Subhramanian

God is a gamer

I read “If God was a Banker” around 7 years ago. “If God was a Banker” is the first book by Ravi Subhramanian. As is the case with the first books, “If God was a Banker” drew heavily from the experience of Ravi Subhramanian as top banker and his education at IIM Bangalore. It is a story of two ambitious guys; Swami and Sundeep, and their different ways to reach up the ladder.
The most fascinating thing to me about the 2014 released “God is a Gamer”, is that it starts from where I left Ravi in his last book that I read. Swami and Sundeep continued in “God is a Gamer” from “If God was a Banker” with seamless assimilation. Both the characters with respect to their personal or professional life matures coherently.

The book is interesting and you cant stop yourself from turning pages till it is finished. I picked up the “God is a Gamer” day before yesterday. 36 hours later I have finished the book and writing its review. This is a fair proof of my statement. The book has multiple threads of events which are interlinked to give us a nice finished product.

There is Malviya, CEO of Indian business of a multi national bank and her daughter Tanya. There is Swami who heads the retail branch of the same bank. We have Aditya and Sundeep who are founders of a famous BPO and a gaming company. We also have an American senator who is close to The President of the United States. One of these characters is murdered and that starts a global investigation which fails to unearth the real motive of the gigantic conspiracy. The story is full of references to the present day headlines like a politician linked to the murder(no prize for guessing who?), phishing to hack bank account, laptop blasts, the confession blogs and the bitcoins.

The story has its back bone based on the concept of the dark web and it has tried to cash in the urban legends surrounding it.

“Is revenge crime?

So says the tagline of the book. The tagline indicates that the story is meant for revenge. The climax could have been better. As the crime for which revenge is sought involves just one man and the revenge spans people who are not remotely connected to the crime.
Well, To conclude, You would love the book if you are a thriller fan. Read this book if you are conspiracy enthusiast 

Sunday, December 11, 2016


सुनो ना, सुनो ना,
जैसा था कल,
वैसा ही तो है आज,
फिर क्या नया है तुम में ।

ये मैं हूँ जो बेचैन ,
ये जो लगी है घुडदौड़ ,
क्यूँ मैं भाग रहा हूँ,
और तुम हो स्थिर ।

कहाँ हूँ मैं, कहाँ हो तुम,
ये दुनिया अलग तो नहीं,
ये रास्ता भूलभुलैया तो नहीं,
कहाँ है अंत, कहाँ हैं हम ।

ना खिलौनेवाली कार,
ना चाय का कप,
ना तुम्हारी नैसर्गिक हँसी ,
कहाँ है मेरी ख़ुशी ।

कहाँ जाना है,
जब गंतव्य का पता नहीं,
तो अंत की आकांक्षा कैसी,
कौन बताएगा जाना है कहाँ ।

क्या है ये सिर्फ कल की लड़ाई,
क्या है ये सिर्फ स्थिरता की चाह,
क्या है ये सिर्फ खुशियों की चाह,
ये द्वन्द, ये मन का भार।

सुनो ना, सुनो ना,
चलो अपना लेते हैं द्वन्द को,
चलो ढूंढते हैं द्वन्द का अंत,
शायद वही हो इस सफर का अंत।


Sunday, February 7, 2016


It happens all the time. At railway stations, at airports, at bus stations...everywhere.

Raghav searched for the car keys in his pockets. He opened the arched gate and latched it as silently as he could lest the sleeping watchman finds him sheepishly. The gate of the house was far from the place where the car was parked, yet he was finding it difficult to prolong his departure. He sat in the car, rolled down the window and looked at the balcony of the house she lived.

Who is she?

Doesn't matter for us. 

There was no one at balcony. Did he expected her to be watching him? Did he expect her to smile graciously and wave while he drive himself away? It would have been better. Why do people come to say Goodbye at station? Train stops for just two minutes. You can't talk much in two minutes. You have just enough time to say Goodbye. 

Raghav looked at the balcony one more time. Still no one. He checked his phone in case she left him a message. 


A sea of grief was coming to Raghav. He didn't want to get drowned in that sea before her house. The car danced down the street in a low hum like a villain smiling over lover's separation. As if by intuition, Raghav looked in mirror and found the balcony empty again.

It was 6 AM. The roads that looked miserable and sorry during the rush hours were smiling now. Cold wind ruffled his hair. 

"Some Goodbyes are tough. Because they are precious. Like a diamond. Diamond is precious because it is rare. But why Goodbye? Can't you meet again? Perhaps not. Not in the same aroma, not in the same serenity. Not in the same love. Not in the same selflessness. Not in the same humor. And definitely not in same innocence.", Raghav's was playing Q&A with himself.

"How does it feel?", Asked one Raghav to another.

"Like you have left something behind that you can't bring back. The pain is beautiful. The sorrow is enjoyable. And the memories memorable.", replied one Raghav to another.

"Will you remember?" Another question.

"Yes. I will. Not just remember. I will smile while remembering. I will cherish when life will be struggle. I will live. "

A sudden flash interrupted the conversation between two Raghavs.

The morning sun was at its full beauty. The water of lake was reflecting it to charm the passerby who were oblivious to the beauty around. Mostly everyone is. They like something that they don't have. Sunrise in Arunachal Pradesh is in bucket list when we have not witnessed the sunrise at our terrace in years. 

Raghav stooped the car. He looked at water.

The radio in car was playing, "मैं जिंदगी का साथ निभाता चला गया, हर फिक्र को धुएं में उडाता चला गया"

She gathered all her courage. A Goodbye is necessary, how much ever painful it may be. The meeting remains incomplete without it. She walked down to balcony. She saw his car leaving her house lane. She waved him.

There was a Goodbye.

Only that two people never knew about it.