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"Engineering" with me!!!

Becoming an engineer in a small town is a great achievement. It feels great that everybody knows you. "Wanna be engineers" come to take tips. Some over excited parents come along with their child and they would say,"acchesepadhoge, to nabhaiyajaisebanoge". Generally engineering college are in metros(or soon to be metros), so people think you have knowledge of culture prevailing their. Suddenly, your opinions are taken seriously and people listen to you and that too without any questions. Earlier people used to say,"abhitubacchahai, terekosamajhnaiaayega."

In this summer vacation, there was an incident with me, after which i think twice before saying,"i am pursuing engineering." I was on visit to my granny's house. She lives in much smaller town. I was having evening chit-chat with her when one old man of her neighbourhood called me. His wife was standing beside him.
Old man: Your granny told me that you are doing engineering.
me: Yes, that…

To home, Gollum and Wall

Journey by train has its own fun, frolic and experiences. And when you are travelling with college friends, fun and thrill get multiplied. After the end of the last semester, I and my friend were scheduled to go by Patna Vasco Express. When we reached station, we were first greeted by my hostel warden and one more mathematics faculty. Both were going by the same train.(our hostel warden is a nice and friendly person and therefore we don't fear him)

This train is the only direct train from Goa to Bihar, so there were many BITSians. One 4th year girl and one 1st year guy had seat in front of ours. After some time, GOLLUM (i regret for those who don't know gollum) came.
The junior with us was a non-ideal college student. He sleeps at 10 pm, wakes at 5 am, goes for chanting(courtesy ISKCON people), attend all classes, keeps himself updated with class. No wonder, he is expecting 9 gpa. Like metals at 0 kelvin, gollum bhai(as we say him) is perfectly ideal college student. Train s…

Incomplete,Undecided...(A Great Dilemma)

Recently three incidents (sorry accidents) happened that i can't take my attention off them.
1. There is a guy, who got Average+16(in our lingo, its called 'av') in one exam. When we got our answer sheets back, he overwrote on an answer for 2 more marks. Unfortunately, he got caught and got 'Registration Cancelled' in that course.

2. Another student, he made a false output file when he was unable to get a correct program in our programming test. Teacher caught him. He started crying, not for his mistake but for two more marks.

3. One student got Average-1 marks. While checking his evaluated paper, he found one of his question wrongly corrected. He was given marks for one wrong answer. He went back to teacher pointing the same. (Teacher doesn't cut his marks :)

I won't comment on correctness of any one's act because i don't have necessary qualification for that. Because if i were av-15 and then somewhere i get marks for wrong answer, my morale is un…

Four of Life

Please have a look at the picture above. This picture has got a lot of meaning. In the first frame, there is a child playing besides a small tree in the backdrop which reminds you of early morning. In the second one, there is a young couple making love in a soothing environment besides the same tree which now has grown to moderate height. Third frame, depicts a old man who seems lonely and worn out, standing beside the old tree with falling withered leaves amidst a gloomy background. And the last frame...nothing but death. This picture has all ingredient of life but my question is will my transition from third to fourth will be contented and smooth or i will be haunted by my past.
Certainly everyone has got one's eye and that looks at same thing different from others. Now, when we are out of the first frame, i urge you to close your eyes and remember your cherished moments of first frame of your own picture. When i did the same, i recalled the first day when i went to school, the…

End Semester-Feedback

One another semester is going to end in a few days. Like at the end of year, we analyse ourselves, i introspect myself after every semester. I ask myself different sort of questions and then rate myself on a scale of 10. And then, i recommend myself suggestion for my well being. I strongly believe that these questions are worth to be questioned to everybody so that people, who feel themselves that they are perfect or their life is going in right pace to right destination, should know where they stand.

(Questions are asked in the order of importance and necessity.)

Question 1. Three semesters are over. Still you don't have girlfriend. What the hell are you doing with your life?

Question 2. Waves was in this semester. So many girls were there. Still you were limited to just staring at the girls from the other colleges. That seriously questions your effective public speaking ?

Question 3. Whole semester, you sat behind your crush in the class. Still she didn't notice you. Don…

Bihar Election: My take

Bihar election results are out. BJP-JD(U) coalition win at more than 200 seats in a house of 243. The results are simply fascinating. Bihar developed in the reign of Neetish kumar. Nobody can question this development. 15 years before Neetish Kumar(Lalu era) was the big shame. When i was a little child, almost 10-11 years back, the road to my village was full of holes. It was so hazardous that people prefer to go by foot rather than by car or anything else. Now, i don't get time to visit there, but i heard that road is reconstructed. Those days, kidnapping emerged as new industry. Neetish Kumar deserves his share of appreciation, law and order has considerably improved. Education is another area where he did great job. He started a scheme called Mukhyamantri Balika Cycle Yojna, where Rs.2000 was given to every girl of class 9 and class 10 of the state. Result: School drop out rates of girls has decreased. Another move was 50% reservation in gram panchayats. Result: women empowerme…

The Best Half

When anyone asks me,"where do you study?" My answer makes them change the mode of discussion. "wow Goa!", the first expression comes. Then the first question,"have you been to beach?" Generally people say that they are soon going to visit Goa and it will be kind on my part to exchange the phone numbers.(but no one came in last 2 years) But if you ask me, what I like most about Goa. I'll say, the weather of Goa, particularly red skies in the first half of the year and mornings with loads of rain in second half of the year. You can actually take the pleasure of raindrops amidst bright sun. And after couple of hours of scorching sun, you are bound to get heavy rain which feels like mother's lap after hard experience of world.

Same happened today. Sun was at it's prime, we people had an exam. After all this, there was all thunder, rain relieving us from all sorts of stress. Three of my friends started playing volleyball and in next few seconds, t…

Virtual World

In our hostels, social networking sites are banned. Some days back, they got unblocked. Buzzes behind unblocking were, "one of our computer science professors is doing research" and "to utilise the full bandwidth". Whatever may be the reason, number of notifications, friend requests multiplied abruptly. It was great opportunity for the guys to check out the pics of their crushes and then a hefty discussion with the friends on which girl looks good in pic and not in reality. Its great to have 5-6 friend sitting and then shower of comments follows. Status updates were too fast, one example.."chhapalkafita tut gaya :(" (strap of sleeper breaks) and there were 27 comments and 5 likes. Some people after every few hours, open, pick up a quote on life and phillosphy which they dont understand and put that in their status. And other people who also dont understand them "like" them. Another class of people updates their status wi…

Its Good to be Good

"Action and Reaction are equal, and they act on different bodies."

This is very famous Newton's third law of motion and this law holds true for "almost" all objects.(I am using the word "almost" because i know some of my friends will start commenting the cases where it fails) And in my opinion, it aptly applies to humans too. There was a story in my class 5 hindi textbook, i will tell this story in short. Once upon a time, there lived a king. Once he intended to know the perception of people about him. He consulted his most wise minister. His minister replied him,"What you think of them, people think the same about you." Unsatisfied with his answer, the king told minister to prove his point. The minister requested the king to come with him for a walk along the outskirt of the kingdom's capital city, where people didn't recognize the king. On the other side of road, a wood cutter was coming, carrying a very heavy load of woods. Minis…


I had written this post a long ago and i didn't think of publishing in my blog, but due to some people who made mockery of my ethnicity, provoked me to publish this. Here i am not proving or stating Bihar is good, i am just answering some people. Hope they understand.

BIHARI..........With this word, comes in your mind, image of illiterate, ill-dressed, tobacco chewing and rough behaving man. Isn’t it?

All right. I recount one of my train journeys when I had to go to Pune for an exam. Somehow my e-ticket got cancelled and I had no other option but to continue by general compartment. People sitting beside me were poorly dressed and looked as if they had come after swimming in a sea of dust. After some time they started chatting amongst themselves in “BHOJPURI”, a dialect of Hindi spoken in western part of Bihar. I belong to the same place. So, out of natural curiosity, I asked them in Hindi where they are from. Much to my surprise, their answers were Lucknow, Kanpur and Bhopal. I w…

Smile :)

Smile....5 letter word has more impact than anything other in this world. Smile is an investment which never incurs loss and always has higher returns. Universe's most beautiful thing, according to me, is the friendship between enemies and smile is the shortest way to do that. And the world's most dangerous thing is LOVE, this too starts when a girl acknowledges boy's smile. Trust me, no worldly thing can give you more pleasure than the pleasure you get when you know you are the reason behind someone's smile. That someone may be your parent, friend or girlfriend. (i think, my friends will connect more with the last one). I'll give you an example, just observe your mother's smile when someone praises you, and then feel your joy that you were reason behind that smile. Nothing equals your joy and that smile too.

The feeling is different when your love journey is between friendship and the formal propose. Then the smile of the girl has a lot of meaning for you. Wh…

I Hate Growing

2-3 weeks back, my friend said,"I hate growing." My friend gave me many examples to support this statement. Though i was not satisfied with the justifications given by him, but certainly i agreed upon the fact that I too hate growing. Though i am a student and i don't do anything else other than studies to worry about but yet every night when i go to sleep, my mind is full of thoughts. On an average i have 4-5 hours of class everyday, and if i attend every class with full concentration, then at the end of day, i have no strength to do anything. Leave doing something creative. Interactions with friends are also decreasing day by day. I talk more on gtalk than face to face. And i think, many of my friends will accept this. Earlier, people used to sit together and share their life, feelings and by this they make others divide their pain and multiply joy. As i am growing, my responsibilities are increasing and this is what i am hating. Everyday i am becoming more bounded, t…

Prom Saga

Now, when notices regarding prom registrations are being put up on the hostel notice boards, the adrenaline level in every boy's body is at its highest level. I don't know much about girls, but i feel there is an equal fire on there side too. Today i saw a girl attending a particular class in which she never comes, later i was informed that she was expecting prom proposal from a guy, who comes in that class. So, she was providing him maximum opportunity to ask. Another girl who always comes in two tops, one red and another one combination of blue and white, was seen in third one.(probably her best one :)

People take different approaches to ask for prom, some people are spontaneous, some are strategic. Strategic people make strategy, what should they wear, which perfume should they use, what should they gift her, where should they ask the girl. Whereas spontaneous people are very casual, they can ask at most unexpected places like after class, while going to mess in most unexp…

steps 2 luv

You like any girl, you talk to her, if you begin liking her, then there are some sudden changes in you.

1. Let the girl be "average". (Significance of the word depends upon type of your college i.e. arts, commerce, engineering :( Earlier if any of your friend used to like "average" girl, your comment on him must be like,"How can Amit like her? See her, how pathetic she looks!" But now, "looks are transitory, what's important is that she is nice, understanding. More importantly, why should i bother about others!"

"love is blind" is your favourite slogan.

2. Every song seems to depict your condition and your love status, if not you tend to draw parallels. (No matter, whethern they exist or not). Like after first meeting,"ek ladki ko dekha to aisa laga".

When your "like" starts changing to love,"kuch to hua hai, kuch ho gaya hai"

You tend to like romantic songs with more emphasis on lyrics. (Earlier you …

Adventure of WAVES

One year back:

"come to my room... as soon as possible...urgent", reads a message in my inbox. I checked the name, It was Jai there. It is hard to guess what's urgent in college student's life, but whatever is "urgent" for us, has least priority for others. Anyways, 2 minutes later, i was in his room. He was preparing a list on MS excel. There were column of name, phone number, priority, and the last one was blank. Jai has amazing skills in drawing, sketching, painting, photography. Due to these skills, he is the member of many clubs of college and i thought probably he was preparing the list of members as "WAVES, (our college's cultural fest) was 10 days away.

As soon as i entered, he asked me "Do you have phone number of Isha?"

I said,"no, how could i have?" Jai replied,"she is in your branch, so i guessed."

I had a class then, so i left him with his list.

Next day too, when i went to his room, he was doing the same…

Newspaper Cut

Everyone in my college is genius, and attending lectures is an offence to our superiority. Proof of our greatness; we complete the whole syllabus, which teachers teach in a whole semester, in a night before the exam; our answer paper will show some new theories, which we discover in the examination hall to solve the given question; we are able to concentrate on lectures while playing "missed call-missed call" with friends or observing the motions of teacher in order to mimic them. (After all there are girls too for distractions ;) As the teachers also know of our greatness, they keep on calling us on date through keeping marks on attendance, surprise quizzes.

This is the story of one such class where we were bound to go because of attendance. I was already late for class and teacher's voice was too low to be audible at the back benches, so i decided to carry a newspaper. As expected, class was full and i sat at the last bench, and the next moment i started reading the n…


It always happens, when any girl likes me, i don't like her and when i like any girl, obviously, she doesn't like me. Well thats ok with me, same answer comes always,"we are good as friends and i never imagine you beyond that." But right now, i will not talk of myself but of couples, who have long distance relationships.

These couples are easy to recognize, you will find 2 or 3 cell phones with them with the sim cards of all possible mobile operators, roaming around mobile recharge shops in search of most efficient recharge offers. If you ask them for treat, they will simply blame phone bill. And yes, one more thing, they excel in typing messages. I am very sorry for those keypads which sacrificed their life for the expression of their love, and the expression includes, "had your lunch??", "tumne kis color ki shirt pehni??", "what are you thinking of??", " abhi mera bhai school se aaya", "i saw a rabbit today". ( i m…

Idiot, by choice

Yesterday, i was attending an event supposed to discuss a book, "The Kite Runner." Among the very few audience present, there was a guy, Anand, who came to me and asked for 10 minutes of time at podium. He informed me that he had made a proper research on Afghanistan regarding its history, misfortunes Afghanis are facing and world's view regarding it. I advised him to ask the compare for permission.

5 minutes later, he got permission. At first he apologized for his broken English and then seek permission to speak in Hindi. He started with the map of Afghanistan, and explained why the country is always drawn in war. He then explained tactics involved by Russia to promote its vested interest there. He continued with his speech until he was intervened to stop due to lack of time. Later at night,i went to his room and listened to what he couldn't say there.

Till now, so common. Now i want to draw your attention regarding some facts in connection to this event. Anand h…

Jadu Teri Nazar

Last few days were amazing. Our college has Council of Student Affairs whose members are chosen democratically (Other then popular factors which affect elections, in general like regionalism, we have one more hostel-ism).One of my friend contested for the post of General Secretary of the Council of Students Affair(CSA). All these days, i got to know many things, like how to convince others, how to keep your patience, and so on. Leave this, i would like to share some light moments. Probably these moments will be with me through out my life and will make me smile anywhere, anytime.

First, i will tell you about my friend who is contesting for election, he is super cool, lite but sincere. He doesn't take unwanted tension and there are many things in him which makes me jealous of him like he never waste food, he never imposes himself and the list continues. He is known for his numerous 10 minute sleep, one day he told me," harsh, call Pazi and Yash. I am coming back in 10 minutes…

Wrong Number

In vacation, like everyone, i was also busy with Facebook. But misfortunes followed me there also. There is a separate section on facebook home page called "people you may know", many of my friends have sent friend requests to girls of our campus, and many of them accepted too, so facebook was suggesting them to me as friend. Yesterday,one of my friends Raavan said in very depressive manner,"ladkiyan facebook pe to acche se chat karti thi, yahan pehchane se bhi inkaar kar rahi hai."

There is a girl, we call her hooke's law, facebook was suggesting her as my friend. I dont want to add anyone who dont know me. (of course, we guys know every girl) So, first day, as USUAL, i took a look on her profile and logged off. Second day, again she was suggested as friend, it took my mental power equivalent to attending morning 8 class for stopping myself from adding her as friend. Third day, again her name was there, i thought,"ok..enough is enough." And i sent …

To IIT....

A poor boy, does hard labour, studies in lantern without a fan at 40 °C , without any qualified teacher around the loud noise of machines and gets into top engineering college of India...looks so filmy, unreal. But there is a place, where such guys live, fighting with all diversities called Patwa toli, in gaya, bihar. I have high respect for them, because they demand nothing from government and silently they go on to make their life. They have made adversities their stair to success.

more about them from some media report...
The pattern of success

A weavers' village in Bihar has
100 graduates from IITs and RECs

By Kanhaiah Bhelari/Patwa Toli

Kajal Se Kala Cheej Kalank Hai
Suraj Se Chamkila Cheej IIT Hai
(Ignominy is blacker than black
IIT is brighter than the sun)

This rather odd-sounding couplet is pasted on the walls of many
houses of Patwa Toli village in Gaya district of Bihar. The village
literally takes it to heart. In the last 10 years, 25 students from
the nondescript hamlet have got…


I am going to tell you the story of two of my friends Anshu and Akash. After class 10, due to the lack of good teachers in my hometown, students go to some other place to study; usually kota or Delhi or Bokaro. We three also went. I and Anshu did our coaching at FIITJEE Bokaro, Akash went to Delhi and joined Narayna. They both were unsuccessful in their first attempt and they decided to give an another shot. Anshu went to Bansal, kota and Akash clinged to FIITJEE. This year they both CRACKED IIT-JEE.(i haven't yet figured out yet why JEE is cracked and other exams are passed, i guess it is something like Trains are late and Flights are delayed :) Anshu with AIR 8219 and Akash with 8533. After counselling, i came to know that Akash has been alloted Civil at BHU whereas Anshu got nothing. Then i was informed that Akash is from OBC category and Anshu is General.

Well ok. In this summer vacation, i taught Physics and Maths to 3 guys [no gals :( ]. One of them was particularly sharp m…

Train to Hyderabad (My Story-3)

“Go and study to make our name fly high”, with these words my mother applied a long tilak on my forehead and bade me bye. I was going to BITS-Pilani Hyderabad Campus. My father was accompanying me to Hyderabad and we both boarded a train. Finally we settled at our sit with our huge luggage. (Out of love, my mother gave me enough snacks to last for 1 month even if I stopped eating in mess and feed myself with those 4 times a day.) After some moments of thorough inspection, I found a cute girl sleeping on nearby upper berth.

Night went silently.

Next morning, she perched down to sit in front of me. Watching her sit in front of me, commotion started in my heart and I was searching chance to talk to her. After some time, my co-passengers started talking to her. Through that conversation, I found that she is going to Bangalore to take admission in some engineering college. Whole day she was reading a book named “ World’s History: A Brief Summary” in the most grave look. Only book’s name was …

We and Society

Though in India, everywhere you can find hungry and poor people, fighting among themselves for their existence. When stomach is empty, no one can think about education, leave the big things like development, society and country. When I used to wait for my school bus, I saw a small child of my age working in tea stall in front of my bus stop. 3 years later, he still works there and I am out of school, attending college and hoping a handsome package in lakhs per annum. He still works there and probably will do so to the rest of his life. I am in state ofthinking that my child will attend some college in USA or UK and he will try to save his child from the tea stall his father gifted him. Recently, I went to my village and felt the agony of poor.In my village, I went sporting a nice nike shoes to save me from dusty road, children there were happy working in farm bare footed. And I wonder why child labour act. Just to add few more pages to the longest constitution of the world. And on t…

My story-2

This post is dedicated to one of my friends. Do you know what Sachin Tendulkar loves the most??? Think..Think.. Let me tell you. Sachin counts his centuries again and again and relishes every century. He tells his wife,” Anjali, you remember, the final of Asia cup, I smashed six offShoiab Akhtar to make 100”. Anjali replies,” Of course darling. And that in Australia, 3 sixes on Shane Warne. How can I forget them!!” You people will be thinking why suddenly Sachin Tendulkar. Its because recently I found a new property of girls. Though girls are very much offensive on anyone who proposes them but they love to count the number of proposes, similar to Sachin’s habit of counting centuries. I have got some secret information from girl’s side that there is sense of competition between them over their toll. “are payal, tujhe is month sirf 3 ne propose kiya, mujhe to 6 ne…” And now payal will get ready to give her friend hard fight next month by using “fair and lovely”. Some days back, I was ca…

My story-1

So, finally i have decided, i will go for arrange marriage. Guys, arrange marriage has its own advantage, like you will be the apple of your parent's eye, you will listen something like," you know sharma jee, his son married a punjabi without informing them, God knows what we did in last birth that we got our son, otherwise its going increasingly difficult to find son like ours." And you are like,"sala, kismat hi kharab hai, punjabi kya, madrasi bhi nai mili." Its not because i didn't like anyone but because i like everyone and i am tired of being rejected. With the last two rejections by two sweet girls in last two week, my toll goes to 11 in my love carrier. God has been so kind on me, he used Lafarge cement to build my heart otherwise i have seen many guys insane with just one rejection. Now, i am used to it and i would like to share my experiences so that you people should know what not to be done.

In class 8:
Our class was in first floor and to drink …

Everything but Nothing

This isn't my work but while surfing the net, i found it intresting. So, i decided to share with you people.

Har khusi hai logon ke daman mein;
Par ek hansi ke liye waqt nahi.

Maa ke loree ka ehasas to hai;
Par maa ko maa kehne ka waqt nahi.

Gairon ki kya baatein kare;
Jab apno ke liye hi waqt nahi.

Aakhon me neend to bahut hain;
Par sone ka waqt hi nahi.

Dil hai gamon se bhara hua;
Par rone ke liye hi waqt nahi.

Paison ki daur me aise daure;
ki thakne ke liye hi waqt nahi.

Paraye ehsason ki kya kadra kare;
Jab apne sapno ke liye hi waqt nahi.