We and Society

Though in India, everywhere you can find hungry and poor people, fighting among themselves for their existence. When stomach is empty, no one can think about education, leave the big things like development, society and country.
When I used to wait for my school bus, I saw a small child of my age working in tea stall in front of my bus stop. 3 years later, he still works there and I am out of school, attending college and hoping a handsome package in lakhs per annum. He still works there and probably will do so to the rest of his life. I am in state of thinking that my child will attend some college in USA or UK and he will try to save his child from the tea stall his father gifted him. Recently, I went to my village and felt the agony of poor.In my village, I went sporting a nice nike shoes to save me from dusty road, children there were happy working in farm bare footed. And I wonder why child labour act. Just to add few more pages to the longest constitution of the world. And on the April fool day, our constitution makers added a new gem to the crown right to education. Now every child has fundamental right to get enrolled in nearby school. Whom the government is fooling? We people, yeah, like what they are doing for past 60 years. Do government think, poor are fool and don’t know the importance of education? No, every father knows the importance of education but his child has to work in order to be sure that he doesn't sleep empty stomach at night. Then he has to see, if his parents and brother had their meal or not and after this come his education. He is no lincon and lal bahdur sashtri that he can study after all these, his just a common chap who gets tired after hard work and prefer sleep over school.
I have a story to tell, in the most backward state of India, Bihar, there is a locality named Patwa toli. This locality is known for its poor weavers who are the victim of modern cloth technology and is situated in pious city of Bodh Gaya. In that locality, there are two brothers who are running a coaching institute for IIT-JEE at very minimal fee. The two brothers are also pass out from IITs, and every year, they produce around 5-10 IITians. The most amazing part is that the holiday of students studying in IITs from Patwa toli is utilised to teach the juniors. Together they are doing great job to change their society, their poverty and everything which is obstructing their path to success.
Change is within us. After some years, we will be earning a lot of money. Can’t we give a part of that to the society? If not money, why not teaching poor child for one day every week. We are 120 people in a hostel, if we can form a trust with each member just paying Rs.1000/- per year. It will be Rs.120000, enough to sponsor one or two child’s education. And remember if we can do that, we are not only changing just one life, we are changing life of his parents, his generations yet to come. To the country, we are giving one responsible citizen and to society, one person who can change the fate of his locality, his relatives.

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