My story-2

This post is dedicated to one of my friends.
Do you know what Sachin Tendulkar loves the most??? Think..Think.. Let me tell you. Sachin counts his centuries again and again and relishes every century. He tells his wife,” Anjali, you remember, the final of Asia cup, I smashed six off Shoiab Akhtar to make 100”. Anjali replies,” Of course darling. And that in Australia, 3 sixes on Shane Warne. How can I forget them!!”
You people will be thinking why suddenly Sachin Tendulkar. Its because recently I found a new property of girls. Though girls are very much offensive on anyone who proposes them but they love to count the number of proposes, similar to Sachin’s habit of counting centuries. I have got some secret information from girl’s side that there is sense of competition between them over their toll. “are payal, tujhe is month sirf 3 ne propose kiya, mujhe to 6 ne…” And now payal will get ready to give her friend hard fight next month by using “fair and lovely”.
Some days back, I was caught in this count fight. That time, I was unaware of this count race. I liked one girl and wished to tell her my feeling. I needed a medium for that and who else is better than her best friend. I talked to Shruti (her best friend) and told her whole matter except that I like her best friend (if you tell so, she is no longer intrested in you and you will lose a communicating medium). In some days, Shruti became a good friend of mine. I and Shruti started messaging. Meanwhile I shifted to Goa. But one day, I was trapped. Here is a part of message conversation:
Me: hi..wassup..wht r u doin?
Shruti: nothng….just playing wid my cousins…
Me: lovely.. I wish I were at home.. I luv kids…
(to win her friend..first you have to win her..thats why so much of nonsense)
Shruti: dey r askin me weird ques… I m sick of dere ques..
Me: lyk???
Shruti: Dey just asked me,” what is meant by 143?”
Me: I luv u
( my Physics tutorial was waiting for me, I had to go)
Me: bye
( No reply, I was slightly taken aback, but then I didn’t put much of my mind in it)
Thereafter due to my exams and after me Shruti’s exam, we didn’t talk or message. 10 days back, I met the girl whom I loved. With slight hesistation, I said I love you.
Girl’s reply: you cheater, fraud…. Kutte, kaminey…I know you..whenever you find any good looking girl, you propose her… “ I love you” simple words for you..
Me: but what I did…???????????
Girl: just month back, you proposed Shruti and now me..
Me: but..but.. I never proposed her…
Girl: Thank God, you proposed Shruti and I have evidence for that..i have Shruti’s mobile with me
( She opened her mobile, and showed me the message displaying “I luv u” which I sent Shruti in reply to her cousin’s question)
After listening so much gali, I was very upset. Later, I was informed that Shruti was falling short of one proposal to her friend, so she used my message as equaliser… So next time, you are messaging any girl, BEWARE

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