My story-1

So, finally i have decided, i will go for arrange marriage. Guys, arrange marriage has its own advantage, like you will be the apple of your parent's eye, you will listen something like," you know sharma jee, his son married a punjabi without informing them, God knows what we did in last birth that we got our son, otherwise its going increasingly difficult to find son like ours." And you are like,"sala, kismat hi kharab hai, punjabi kya, madrasi bhi nai mili." Its not because i didn't like anyone but because i like everyone and i am tired of being rejected. With the last two rejections by two sweet girls in last two week, my toll goes to 11 in my love carrier. God has been so kind on me, he used Lafarge cement to build my heart otherwise i have seen many guys insane with just one rejection. Now, i am used to it and i would like to share my experiences so that you people should know what not to be done.

In class 8:
Our class was in first floor and to drink water, we used to go to ground floor. This was the first time; i was going to propose someone. So, naturally, i was bit nervous. But i was determined to do so on that day. "That day" because that day was Tuesday, day of hanuman ji, and if i fail that day, i had to wait another week. I decided to catch her in lunch on stairs and tell my feelings. As soon as bell rang for lunch, i went to stair and started to wait for her. I waited for whole 30 minutes and even i missed my noodles.(my mother gave me noodles that day). After 30 minutes, bell rang and i went back to class and enquired about her. My spies in girls told me that she was not feeling well and has decided to skip the lunch.
My plan changed. She used to go by foot and that too alone. So, i decided to check my luck then. As final bell rang, i hurriedly went to gate and looked for her. But to my surprise, she came but accompanied with her father. For a minute, i imagined myself in front of her father, her father with a gun, and i begging for my life.
I waited for next Tuesday. I had a different plan for that day. I decided to say her as soon as i found her alone. At last, i got the right time.
me: hi..anku....

anku: hi.. have you completed maths homework??

here i was preparing for my life and these geek girls always thing about the studies. Though i hadn't completed yet but i had to make impression.

me: yes..i can help you.

anku: thanks...yaar

me: anku..i was thinking...........

anku: you know, my sister bought me this ring..

(Showing a golden ring in her finger)
girls can never change...the same jewellery.....same sister....i was sick of them for last 1 years.

me: really nice..

anku: kal meri mumbai wali mausi aa rahi hai..

you have to listen these, if you want to see your future with her, no matter how much you dislike.

me: cool.. anku.. i was thinking that i love you.

Suddenly her look changed from, mother Teresa to phoolan devi, i swear if she had gun, i must be in heaven enjoying apsaras.

anku: i know you guys well.. you all are same. Why i trusted you?? Why??

She started sobbing.(killer weapon of girls-tears)

me: i mean.......i really like you..i am not teasing or doing it for fun...i love you most in this world after your parents..

she ran away and in next morning assembly, i got my answer. Her elder sister who was 2 years senior to us called me .

Her sister gave me a short speech on “girls and their future” and her speech includes questions like “ What do you understand girls? Are they for fun only?”. After speech I thought why cant girls say direct no. And then I decided to never let my heart fall again but it fell again. Details in next post…

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