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Mr. Kejriwal! Here are my wishes!

Congratulations my Nation! Our democracy is richer today because Indian voters have got one more option to choose from. Well known social activist Arvind Kejriwal announced the formation of a political party on the auspicious occasion of 143rd birth anniversary of Gandhiji.

But the real question is how his party will be different from a bunch of other parties that we have? First of all, I want his party to be a benchmark for all other parties. I want that there should be an internal democracy within the party in a democratic country like there was in congress before independence (it should be like ‘FDI in multi-brand retail’ resolution was passed by cong. With 32 votes for and 14 votes against it). I am unable to understand how almost all the decisions are taken unanimously within all major parties. I can’t agree on almost all the views of any of my friends around me. It would strengthen the idea of democracy within the party which will be helpful for the nation as people with contra…

यहीं तो दुनियादारी हैं.

कहने को तो हमारे पांच पड़ोसी थे; पर हमारा आना जाना सिर्फ दो घरों में था. बाकि तीन घरों से हमें दूर रहने की हिदायत मिलती थी, क्यूंकि हमारे घर वाले उन्हें अपने बराबरी का नहीं मानते थे. पर हम बच्चें कहाँ ऊँच-नीच देखने वाले थे. हम बच्चों के बराबरी वाले लोग तो उन्हीं ३ घरो में थे. हमारी क्रिकेट टीम तो उन्ही तीन घरो से बनती थी. अब ये बात घर वालों को कौन समझाए. उन्हें तो राजू में उसके चाय बेचने वाले पापा नज़र आते थे और अर्जुन में उसके चपरासी दादा. घर का आलम ये था कि जबान से एक रोड छाप शब्द छिटका , और इधर माँ के ताने शुरू, " अब राजू- अर्जुन के साथ दिन भर रहोगे तो यही सीखोगे ना "

खैर धीरे -धीरे समय बीतता गया . दसवी तक तो हम तीनों पढ़े , फिर मैं आगे की पढ़ाई करने दिल्ली आ गया . दो साल बाद छुटियों में वापस लौटा तो कभी कभी आस पड़ोस के बच्चों को पढ़ा दिया करता था. राजू अपने पापा के चाय के ठेले पर काम करने लगा था. एक दिन जब मैं कहीं से अपनी बाइक पर अपने लम्बे बालों को हवा में लहरातें हुए, मन ही मन खुद को जॉन अब्राहम समझता हुआ, घर वापस लौट रहा था तो सामने लाल साइकिल पर कोई जाता दिखा. साइकिल जा…

Injustice and Gap

In the year 1991, India's foreign reserves, key to pay for our import bills comprising petroleum and other important items, dropped to such levels that not sufficient to last beyond 15 days. Reasons: Mammoth expenditure on development programmes which did not generate additional revenue. Taxation was not sufficient to support vast spending. Income from public sector undertaking was too small to meet growing demands. Corruption and inefficient machinery.

India started borrowing money from international moneylenders to meet country's demands and by 1991, our economy was so rickety that that India was not able to pay for the interest that were to be paid to international money lenders. No other country was ready to lend to India. prices rose sharply.

Under such circumstances, India approached World Bank and IMF. Against the 7 billion $ that India got to manage the crisis; world bank wanted India to liberalize and open her market for private sector. India agreed and we got reform…

Small Town!

How do you define a small town? And what if that town is in Bihar?

The general description starts with narrow roads crowded with stalls of panipuri wala and chaat wala; ocean of people on road with cycles and motorcycles making their way among them; stray animals feeding on garbage; big hoardings of schools, colleges and coaching institutes with faces of students who seem to have jumped out of ramp at Wills Lifestyle to study at these institutes. Though if the hoarding is of any coaching institute, it will have faces of successful students in JEE/PMT whose photos are collected by luring them for free study materials 2-3 months before exams.

But these small towns have much more than these descriptions. Small town has big dreams. Small town parents of today or youths of 90's have grown up watching luxuries of engineers and doctors. They suffer with power cuts of 16 hours a day and they have heard about the round the clock power supply in metros. They have suffered due to rickety i…

Thats what i saw!

My childhood was the same as that of millions of others my age.My summer breaks were spent in dadi ka gaon and nani ka gaon. I must admit that those summers had a different kind of impact in the way I think. One particular memory that i still have is that of a large bridge on the river Ganga. Those days, my village had a canal, about 200m away from my home, meant for irrigation of the neighboring fields.

Some days back, I visited my village and found the canal dry. River Ganga too seemed to shrink. This assertion can be supported by the observation that in this rainy season too approximately 25% of the bridge was futile . By this what I mean is, 25% of bridge length had dry land underneath. I frequently travel by trains, and I observe so many useless railway bridges which were earlier meant for the water creek below, but now are used as roads. I am not an expert on water resources; I am just narrating my observations. I may be wrong in what I am trying to imply.

Another of my childh…


Flood and the following attack of diseases are the routine cycle of Sundarpura. Legend says that Satyawati; younger sister of Viswamitra was angry at death of his husband. She went to heaven and later appeared on earth as koshi. It appears that she is still not happy with the death of her husband and causes destructing flood every year.

Middle school of Sundarpura is closed for 3 months a year on account of election, flood or rain. ”Chandra Master” as students fondly call their teacher is a man in his late forties. He has got just one daughter, Rekha in the name of the family. He is known in the whole neighbourhood for his hardwork and commitment towards students. Chandra master had just one dream; to make his daughter a doctor. Rekha completed her class 10. Though Chandra master had never been in city for too long, other than a three month stay during court trials for ownership of his ancestral land. Chandra Master is 12th pass, but he aspired to make his daughter, a doctor. He had…

Andher Nagri Chaupat Raja: 10 commandments


Making of Sarang

Being true, I must admit how difficult its for us to release a single issue of Sarang, a hindi magazine which we initially intended to release twice a semester but now Sarang is subjected to availability of content. Its not that we had not tried to contact our friends with similar likes for Hindi as us, but i blame lazy weather and numerous test/assignment on their indifference to our request for an article for Sarang.

But after creating and nurturing Sarang for more than a year, its very hard for us to shut it without fighting for it existence one more time. Amitabh Mishra gave us a much needed  jolt in order to make us sincere toward our common love. Amitabh Mishra is not a new face to Sarang. He is the pioneer for hindi literary movement in BITS-Goa by planting seed of Srijan. Srijan has not been able to come up with expectations of different hindi based events, but surely it has marked its presence through Sarang with its little but remarkable presence in different colleges of In…

In Class

They pretend to know everything. We pretend to understand everything.

They read books before the class. We read books after the class.

Their blackboards look ugly with horrible characters. Our notebooks look beautiful with cartoon characters.

They wait for class to over. We wait for class to over.

Sweet Remembrances

As a kid I had rather weird ideas, self developed concepts, wisdom that I had realized in the few years of my earthly existence…… the faint line between  reality and my imagination was almost non-existent. I had my own notions about things, and felt strangely confident about them, in fact sometimes I was so proud of myself, thinking I was the only one who was able to crack these mysteries! There was no ambiguity or obscurity; I was the detective in the thriller written by God called ‘Life’!

     My earliest memories are of Santa-Claus and the deep affection I held for him. Oh! That vision of the plump old man with his “HO HO HO! “  that I had in my mind never failed to bring a smile to my face!  My belief in Santa knew no bounds, though I had a couple of friends who did not get regular visits from him, when it came to me I was always a good girl and my dear old Santa never forgot my presents! I was extremely excited to see what he would get me each time…I jumped out of bed each Christm…


My hand searched for my phone. Under the pillow – no. In the small space of  my 7*3 bed, unoccupied by discounted tiny mattress – no. In the folded bed sheet, on which I had slept but then it wrapped me like a martyr in national flag – no.
I didn’t want the trouble of opening my eyes. I started measuring my mattress’s dimension by spreading my leg to search for my phone. My flesh of leg touched something cold. That must be the metal back of my phone. Yes!!! Indeed.
I grabbed my phone. Without opening my eyes, I typed my password. Same password for almost a year then, and an whooping hundred texts per day, gave me enough practise for typing messages under the table in classroom without deterring my look from the teacher.
“1 message received.”
The sign of closed envelope on the home screen forced my sleepy eyes peeping through corners avoiding sharp back light to open with full capacity. It has now become ritual to enter in the world of dreams while spilling my heart in 160 characters.…

Top Five Regrets of the Dying

For many years I worked in palliative care. My patients were those who had gone home to die. Some incredibly special times were shared. I was with them for the last three to twelve weeks of their lives. People grow a lot when they are faced with their own mortality. I learnt never to underestimate someone's capacity for growth. Some changes were phenomenal. Each experienced a variety of emotions, as expected, denial, fear, anger, remorse, more denial and eventually acceptance. Every single patient found their peace before they departed though, every one of them. When questioned about any regrets they had or anything they would do differently, common themes surfaced again and again. Here are the most common five: 1. I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.  This was the most common regret of all. When people realise that their life is almost over and look back clearly on it, it is easy to see how many dreams have gone unfulfilled…