Flood and the following attack of diseases are the routine cycle of Sundarpura. Legend says that Satyawati; younger sister of Viswamitra was angry at death of his husband. She went to heaven and later appeared on earth as koshi. It appears that she is still not happy with the death of her husband and causes destructing flood every year.

Middle school of Sundarpura is closed for 3 months a year on account of election, flood or rain. ”Chandra Master” as students fondly call their teacher is a man in his late forties. He has got just one daughter, Rekha in the name of the family. He is known in the whole neighbourhood for his hardwork and commitment towards students. Chandra master had just one dream; to make his daughter a doctor. Rekha completed her class 10. Though Chandra master had never been in city for too long, other than a three month stay during court trials for ownership of his ancestral land. Chandra Master is 12th pass, but he aspired to make his daughter, a doctor. He had limited means but he was never short of inspiration for Rekha. He always imagined some stories where her doctor daughter would save poor people’s lives and then he used to narrate them to Rekha. When Rekha went to class 10, he met every possible doctor present in the neighbourhood, and asked them how to get into medical college.

Rekha didn’t have a mother, but this fact had made her more understanding and mature. Chandra master decided to send her to a nearby town for better education. Chandra master’s decision had caused commotion in the village. Leave alone girls, very few boys had gone out for education.

Rekha came to town. Town was so different from her village. Life was too fast. Gullible Rekha had tough time dealing with city life. A Security guard used to pass his phone number in a chit to her. Sometimes she wondered her breast is more attractive than her brain. Amongst all difficulties, her study was going fine. Once, her professor called her to explain lessons on physics at his home. Poor rekha was too naïve to understand his intentions. There he tried to misbehave with her. Once, she wondered if she should call her father and tell him about these incidents, but then she realised that she loved him too much to open the truth to him. . She knew her dreams. Her dream was his life and his life was rekha’s everything. She wept all night. But the following morning she grew more confident. Every bad experience was making her stronger than ever before. She directed her anger, frustration everything towards studies. She was doing well.

She wrote the medical entrance exams.

She passed the entrance but God failed her. Her father had heart attack on the following day of her result.

He died.

She came back to her village. She had lost the life. She got comfort in imagination of herself caged in a small dark room. She lived her dream. God gave her dream in an air bubble. But the bubble exploded. Whole village pitied her. They recognised her achievement but they had too many problems of their own to help her for medical studies. One evening while walking, she saw a little girl studying on the “machan”. Visibly excited father was saying to the kid’s mother,” One day she will make us proud like Rekha.”

This one sentence shook Rekha deep within. There she was, wasting her life with all possible kinds of negative emotions and for that little girl; she was faith.

Yes, She was faith. All girls of the village were making her idol. Rekha was their hope, among all the adversities. In a place without electricity, Rekha had provided girls with the necessary spark for ignition. Rekha couldn’t sleep that night. That one sentence was troubling her whole night. She was eagerly waiting for the next morning. As soon as she had first view of the red sun, far among the paddy fields; she almost came running to the Kid’s (Rani) hut. She offered to teach her. Soon she started her own coaching center, “Sapne”. Soon all the village girls joined Rani. Few years later, Rani became village’s first doctor.

Rekha was standing in front of the small photograph of her father. She told him,” You wanted one doctor, I am giving you an hundred.”

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