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Small Town!

How do you define a small town? And what if that town is in Bihar?

The general description starts with narrow roads crowded with stalls of panipuri wala and chaat wala; ocean of people on road with cycles and motorcycles making their way among them; stray animals feeding on garbage; big hoardings of schools, colleges and coaching institutes with faces of students who seem to have jumped out of ramp at Wills Lifestyle to study at these institutes. Though if the hoarding is of any coaching institute, it will have faces of successful students in JEE/PMT whose photos are collected by luring them for free study materials 2-3 months before exams.

But these small towns have much more than these descriptions. Small town has big dreams. Small town parents of today or youths of 90's have grown up watching luxuries of engineers and doctors. They suffer with power cuts of 16 hours a day and they have heard about the round the clock power supply in metros. They have suffered due to rickety i…

Thats what i saw!

My childhood was the same as that of millions of others my age.My summer breaks were spent in dadi ka gaon and nani ka gaon. I must admit that those summers had a different kind of impact in the way I think. One particular memory that i still have is that of a large bridge on the river Ganga. Those days, my village had a canal, about 200m away from my home, meant for irrigation of the neighboring fields.

Some days back, I visited my village and found the canal dry. River Ganga too seemed to shrink. This assertion can be supported by the observation that in this rainy season too approximately 25% of the bridge was futile . By this what I mean is, 25% of bridge length had dry land underneath. I frequently travel by trains, and I observe so many useless railway bridges which were earlier meant for the water creek below, but now are used as roads. I am not an expert on water resources; I am just narrating my observations. I may be wrong in what I am trying to imply.

Another of my childh…