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Flood and the following attack of diseases are the routine cycle of Sundarpura. Legend says that Satyawati; younger sister of Viswamitra was angry at death of his husband. She went to heaven and later appeared on earth as koshi. It appears that she is still not happy with the death of her husband and causes destructing flood every year.

Middle school of Sundarpura is closed for 3 months a year on account of election, flood or rain. ”Chandra Master” as students fondly call their teacher is a man in his late forties. He has got just one daughter, Rekha in the name of the family. He is known in the whole neighbourhood for his hardwork and commitment towards students. Chandra master had just one dream; to make his daughter a doctor. Rekha completed her class 10. Though Chandra master had never been in city for too long, other than a three month stay during court trials for ownership of his ancestral land. Chandra Master is 12th pass, but he aspired to make his daughter, a doctor. He had…