Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bihar Election: My take

Bihar election results are out. BJP-JD(U) coalition win at more than 200 seats in a house of 243. The results are simply fascinating. Bihar developed in the reign of Neetish kumar. Nobody can question this development. 15 years before Neetish Kumar(Lalu era) was the big shame. When i was a little child, almost 10-11 years back, the road to my village was full of holes. It was so hazardous that people prefer to go by foot rather than by car or anything else. Now, i don't get time to visit there, but i heard that road is reconstructed. Those days, kidnapping emerged as new industry. Neetish Kumar deserves his share of appreciation, law and order has considerably improved. Education is another area where he did great job. He started a scheme called Mukhyamantri Balika Cycle Yojna, where Rs.2000 was given to every girl of class 9 and class 10 of the state. Result: School drop out rates of girls has decreased. Another move was 50% reservation in gram panchayats. Result: women empowerment. This women empowerment is evident in terms of voters turn out in election. In females, voters turn out percentage was 54%, whereas among males, it was around 50%. Last year, GDP of Bihar grew significantly, second only to Gujrat.
Results are more significant because, it come from Bihar. Bihar, state known for its caste and religion based politics. What does it show? Are people tired of politics and look for development? Perhaps yes. There was a time, when Lalu Yadav was confident of his M-Y equation.(Muslim-Yadav votes) He used to acknowledge this openly, and i feel this is a big shame, when any politician is relying on caste and religion only, and didn't addresses the issues of interest like education and health. RJD(lalu's party) gets about 25 seats in 243. This result is a big shame on Lalu and questions his political career. His wife and former chief minister Rabri Devi lost the election. This mandate shows the emotion of Biharis. Neetish showed a ray of light in darkness and look at the response, over 200 seats.
Still, work is not completed yet. Encouragement of Industries, power, water supply are the problems which needs immediate concern and this will be a big task for Neetish Kumar to carry the high hopes of heavy mandate. This result is a lesson for the politicians and i hope this should start a era of constructive and developmental politics. This mandate has strengthen the fundamentals of democracy as it confirmed the people's choice of development. But for now, its party time for BJP and JD(U).
BJP: Bhartiya Janta Party
RJD: Rashtriya Janta Dal (managed by Lalu Yadav)
JD(U): Janta Dal(United) (managed by Neetish Kumar)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Best Half

When anyone asks me,"where do you study?" My answer makes them change the mode of discussion. "wow Goa!", the first expression comes. Then the first question,"have you been to beach?" Generally people say that they are soon going to visit Goa and it will be kind on my part to exchange the phone numbers.(but no one came in last 2 years) But if you ask me, what I like most about Goa. I'll say, the weather of Goa, particularly red skies in the first half of the year and mornings with loads of rain in second half of the year. You can actually take the pleasure of raindrops amidst bright sun. And after couple of hours of scorching sun, you are bound to get heavy rain which feels like mother's lap after hard experience of world.

Same happened today. Sun was at it's prime, we people had an exam. After all this, there was all thunder, rain relieving us from all sorts of stress. Three of my friends started playing volleyball and in next few seconds, the count crossed 10. There are few moments which people cherish and remember throughout their life. This was one of them. I guess, all pleasant faces, with smiles, playing in rain, shared a common emotion then. That emotion is of togetherness, love and intimacy. People talk of fun and enjoyment in college life, this was the epitome of them. Good friends see their win in friend's triumph and their loss in friend's defeat. My friend went to prom and we all friends were equally happy as he was. Other day, when someone is giving a birthday treat,(actually its not 'someone', its three or four guys because it is impossible for one to give treat alone to all of the friends), we have to book a bus to go to the restaurant. Singing in bus, ball dancing at restaurant(with one of the guy pretending as girl) are some moments whose thoughts can bring smile, even at the most depressing time. Earlier, I used to think, there are some special occasion in a glittering big box, when you feel happy. comes in small ordinary packets and our task is to identify them and extract all the happiness it has. With friends, these packets are more and its easy too, to find them.

The world is too fast. Everyone has some aspirations and goals and people are obsessed with that. We have no time to love and even though if we love, we don't have time to express them. Because we think, career and goals are the focus of life. True, goals and achievements are important but we need people to share them. After all, we are not so selfish that we do all this for ourselves only. I hope these moments foster a sense of unity, oneness, love among us so that everyone is part of everyone's joys and sorrows. Dedicated to all my friends.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Virtual World

In our hostels, social networking sites are banned. Some days back, they got unblocked. Buzzes behind unblocking were, "one of our computer science professors is doing research" and "to utilise the full bandwidth". Whatever may be the reason, number of notifications, friend requests multiplied abruptly. It was great opportunity for the guys to check out the pics of their crushes and then a hefty discussion with the friends on which girl looks good in pic and not in reality. Its great to have 5-6 friend sitting and then shower of comments follows. Status updates were too fast, one example.."chhapal ka fita tut gaya :(" (strap of sleeper breaks) and there were 27 comments and 5 likes. Some people after every few hours, open, pick up a quote on life and phillosphy which they dont understand and put that in their status. And other people who also dont understand them "like" them. Another class of people updates their status with some nice love quotes, in a little hope, that this quote will be liked by the people whom they want it to be liked.

Still in India, facebook is limited to generation next people. I am wondering about the day when there will be a facebook account of typical Indian saas-bahu.(Instead of 'typical Indian saas-bahu', i think i should better write Ekta kapoor's serial characters) In Indian family, it is common to have family divided into two poles, one led by young and dynamic daughter in law and other one controlled by experienced mother in law.(Only bridge between the two pole is poor husband, and pitiable son) Imagine the day, when daughter in law will upload a pic of her in beautiful expensive benarsi sari, then there will be the sarcastic comments from people of mother in law's group. Some examples "Red colour is awful, looks cheap...", "You don't even know, how to wear the sari..disgusting" and finally the mother in law "my son hasn't money to buy me a cotton sari and somebody is sporting Rs 4000 sari :(". There will be likes from bahu's gang too. CID people's status will also be pretty intresting, Daya's.."feeling great after breaking 15 doors". ACP Praduman's comment "you are too good at your work........keep it up." Shaktimaan's status will be of two type one will be "Saved humanity by killing Plastic Man" and another one from "chhoti chhoti magar moti baatein"

At last, i will recall a incident. During my +2 days, we were 4 friends sharing a flat. Three of us, made a fake profile of a girl on orkut and then some how managed to get 40 friends in her friend list(Not so tough, considering it was a girl's profile) Then we sent friend request to the fourth one, Anand. Soon he accepted the request and sent a scrap too asking for introduction. Interestingly, he didn't mention this incident to us. Neither we told him anything. Anand's frequency of cyber cafe's visit increased. When we asked him the same, he replied,"I am going to check about the engineering entrance's form." Within a month, Anand started asking for phone number and address. Then we decided to call off the whole thing. We sent him scrap asking if he want to meet her. He called her to a very famous restaurant in the city. But to his surprise, instead of a girl, we turned up there and enjoyed his treat.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Its Good to be Good

"Action and Reaction are equal, and they act on different bodies."

This is very famous Newton's third law of motion and this law holds true for "almost" all objects.(I am using the word "almost" because i know some of my friends will start commenting the cases where it fails) And in my opinion, it aptly applies to humans too. There was a story in my class 5 hindi textbook, i will tell this story in short. Once upon a time, there lived a king. Once he intended to know the perception of people about him. He consulted his most wise minister. His minister replied him,"What you think of them, people think the same about you." Unsatisfied with his answer, the king told minister to prove his point. The minister requested the king to come with him for a walk along the outskirt of the kingdom's capital city, where people didn't recognize the king. On the other side of road, a wood cutter was coming, carrying a very heavy load of woods. Minister told the king to think something about that wood cutter. The king thought to punish the wood cutter as he was cutting down green jungles.

Minister(to wood cutter): honourable king died....

Wood cutter: Really...

Minister: Yes..Last night he got cold and suddenly the great soul departed.

Wood cutter: Good....i was waiting for this day. He was good for nothing. I will distribute sweet in my neighbourhood.

The king was amazed as he too thought bad for the poor wood cutter. But still he was not confident. Again a old lady was coming. The king thought to provide her shelter and to arrange her pension as she was too old to do anything.

Minister(to old lady): Our great king died last night.

Old lady(with tears in eyes): what!!! how does it all happen? He was such a caring king. No one can replace him. God made a big mistake. God should have called me instead of our great king.

Now the king believed on minister's words.

I read this story almost 9 years back and still i remember every line of it and even the cartoon of king and minister depicted there. I know, you people will find the story lame and childish but this story is of practical importance. I have found this true for almost all people. (But alas, its not true for our daily crushes. :( :( ) What i wanted to communicate by all these blah blah is that if you want somebody to be good to you, please be good at him, rest will follow.