Its Good to be Good

"Action and Reaction are equal, and they act on different bodies."

This is very famous Newton's third law of motion and this law holds true for "almost" all objects.(I am using the word "almost" because i know some of my friends will start commenting the cases where it fails) And in my opinion, it aptly applies to humans too. There was a story in my class 5 hindi textbook, i will tell this story in short. Once upon a time, there lived a king. Once he intended to know the perception of people about him. He consulted his most wise minister. His minister replied him,"What you think of them, people think the same about you." Unsatisfied with his answer, the king told minister to prove his point. The minister requested the king to come with him for a walk along the outskirt of the kingdom's capital city, where people didn't recognize the king. On the other side of road, a wood cutter was coming, carrying a very heavy load of woods. Minister told the king to think something about that wood cutter. The king thought to punish the wood cutter as he was cutting down green jungles.

Minister(to wood cutter): honourable king died....

Wood cutter: Really...

Minister: Yes..Last night he got cold and suddenly the great soul departed.

Wood cutter: Good....i was waiting for this day. He was good for nothing. I will distribute sweet in my neighbourhood.

The king was amazed as he too thought bad for the poor wood cutter. But still he was not confident. Again a old lady was coming. The king thought to provide her shelter and to arrange her pension as she was too old to do anything.

Minister(to old lady): Our great king died last night.

Old lady(with tears in eyes): what!!! how does it all happen? He was such a caring king. No one can replace him. God made a big mistake. God should have called me instead of our great king.

Now the king believed on minister's words.

I read this story almost 9 years back and still i remember every line of it and even the cartoon of king and minister depicted there. I know, you people will find the story lame and childish but this story is of practical importance. I have found this true for almost all people. (But alas, its not true for our daily crushes. :( :( ) What i wanted to communicate by all these blah blah is that if you want somebody to be good to you, please be good at him, rest will follow.
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