Bihar Election: My take

Bihar election results are out. BJP-JD(U) coalition win at more than 200 seats in a house of 243. The results are simply fascinating. Bihar developed in the reign of Neetish kumar. Nobody can question this development. 15 years before Neetish Kumar(Lalu era) was the big shame. When i was a little child, almost 10-11 years back, the road to my village was full of holes. It was so hazardous that people prefer to go by foot rather than by car or anything else. Now, i don't get time to visit there, but i heard that road is reconstructed. Those days, kidnapping emerged as new industry. Neetish Kumar deserves his share of appreciation, law and order has considerably improved. Education is another area where he did great job. He started a scheme called Mukhyamantri Balika Cycle Yojna, where Rs.2000 was given to every girl of class 9 and class 10 of the state. Result: School drop out rates of girls has decreased. Another move was 50% reservation in gram panchayats. Result: women empowerment. This women empowerment is evident in terms of voters turn out in election. In females, voters turn out percentage was 54%, whereas among males, it was around 50%. Last year, GDP of Bihar grew significantly, second only to Gujrat.
Results are more significant because, it come from Bihar. Bihar, state known for its caste and religion based politics. What does it show? Are people tired of politics and look for development? Perhaps yes. There was a time, when Lalu Yadav was confident of his M-Y equation.(Muslim-Yadav votes) He used to acknowledge this openly, and i feel this is a big shame, when any politician is relying on caste and religion only, and didn't addresses the issues of interest like education and health. RJD(lalu's party) gets about 25 seats in 243. This result is a big shame on Lalu and questions his political career. His wife and former chief minister Rabri Devi lost the election. This mandate shows the emotion of Biharis. Neetish showed a ray of light in darkness and look at the response, over 200 seats.
Still, work is not completed yet. Encouragement of Industries, power, water supply are the problems which needs immediate concern and this will be a big task for Neetish Kumar to carry the high hopes of heavy mandate. This result is a lesson for the politicians and i hope this should start a era of constructive and developmental politics. This mandate has strengthen the fundamentals of democracy as it confirmed the people's choice of development. But for now, its party time for BJP and JD(U).
BJP: Bhartiya Janta Party
RJD: Rashtriya Janta Dal (managed by Lalu Yadav)
JD(U): Janta Dal(United) (managed by Neetish Kumar)


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