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Oh you!

There I was, on my way home.
Drowned in melancholy reflections;
Of my days at college and with her.
Windows promptly shut;
Wind you know, was so chilly.

I made up a world in my mind,
Without her presence and,
Like gold without lusture,
I was a king without kingdom.

Anxious, annoyed and helpless,
I tried cheering myself with,
The rains outside and shimmering lights,
from big buildings and street lamps.

Ugly real world, I avoided.
At least I was trying to.
The familiar tone woke me up,
and the name cheered me up.

I talked and talked, I smiled and  laughed.
Oh you! the smile on your face,
Makes my world happy and windows open,
As wind was so refreshing.
And I was a king with kingdom once again.

Romancing Bangalore

Coming to a new city is like  running after a girl whom you don't know at all. You have heard about the city from your friends much the same way as you get updated from your friends as soon as you tell them that this girl is your new crush. Some friends tell you about the good things. Like some said "Bangalore has got excellent breweries", "Bangalore has amazing rock culture" or "Bangalore serves you with great filter kappi". Some people complained.  They said, "Bangalore has worst traffic; you end up half your life in bus", "Bangalore is very costly" or "Auto wallahs never agree by meter". 

 Okay! Like a new found crush, I had my own ideas about Bangalore. I stalked the city on Quora; reading answers about how they started this city as IT hub, and how is transportation..blah...blah..
I started looking for check-in by my friends at different places in Bangalore. I must admit that I was still in relationship with Pu…

No IT company in Bihar?

Is there any scope of IT industry in Bihar?
Obviously! There is plenty of scope. But first let's investigate how Bangalore become what it is now. How did Bangalore become the biggest IT hub in India and why was no other Indian city able to compete with it ?

They say Texas Instrument was the first company which wanted to set up their office in India due to the high percentage of Indians (South Indians were dominant) working in TI, US office. They visited Mumbai and Chennai, but bureaucratic hurdles stopped them from doing so. When they visited Karnataka, R. Gundu Rao, then Chief Minister came personally to receive them as well as provided them all kind of support they needed to establish themselves. Furthermore, He sanctioned many engineering colleges which helped in creating an environment for development. Jamshed Ji Tata founded IISc in 1899 which is the top center for research and development with its well equipped labs and well qualified teachers. Furthermore, many go…

Making of India as we know it

How many princely states were in India at the time of Independence?
They were so many in  number that historians are not even in agreement about their number. Some histroians claim 521, while others say 565. But certainly they were more than 500 and varied widely
in terms of size and status. Kashmir and Hyderabad were larger in size than many countries of the world whereas some were just combination of dozen of villages. British created many proposals which allowed them to control many important aspect of Indian princely states like military, succession at a hefty fee without taking any responsibility of welfare of its people. (Parallels may be drawn to last government where Manmohan Singh was prime minister while decisions were taken somewhere else.) These states had their own railways, currency and stamps, but as aptly pointed by one British observer,"The states were sinks of reaction and  incompetence and unrestrained autocratic power sometimes exercised by vicious and deranged…