Oh you!

There I was, on my way home.
Drowned in melancholy reflections;
Of my days at college and with her.
Windows promptly shut;
Wind you know, was so chilly.

I made up a world in my mind,
Without her presence and,
Like gold without lusture,
I was a king without kingdom.

Anxious, annoyed and helpless,
I tried cheering myself with,
The rains outside and shimmering lights,
from big buildings and street lamps.

Ugly real world, I avoided.
At least I was trying to.
The familiar tone woke me up,
and the name cheered me up.

I talked and talked, I smiled and  laughed.
Oh you! the smile on your face,
Makes my world happy and windows open,
As wind was so refreshing.
And I was a king with kingdom once again.

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