Romancing Bangalore

Coming to a new city is like  running after a girl whom you don't know at all. You have heard about the city from your friends much the same way as you get updated from your friends as soon as you tell them that this girl is your new crush. Some friends tell you about the good things. Like some said "Bangalore has got excellent breweries", "Bangalore has amazing rock culture" or "Bangalore serves you with great filter kappi". Some people complained.  They said, "Bangalore has worst traffic; you end up half your life in bus", "Bangalore is very costly" or "Auto wallahs never agree by meter". 

 Okay! Like a new found crush, I had my own ideas about Bangalore. I stalked the city on Quora; reading answers about how they started this city as IT hub, and how is transportation..blah...blah..
I started looking for check-in by my friends at different places in Bangalore. I must admit that I was still in relationship with Pune then. I lived for one year in Pune. My relationship with Pune was very casual one. I liked Pune, but I was not ready to settle with Pune. Something was missing. Something made me felt that,"Its not for you, bro." You know how it feels. So, finally we broke up happily. 3 months after breaking up, the only thing that I miss of Pune is vada-pav. 

My first few days in Bangalore were tough. I did not understand what Bangalore said. Neither did Bangalore understand what I want to say. Few more days and I was finding this city difficult to talk, let alone romance. I was thinking to forget the crush and get back to my ex or better find some desi to romance like Delhi, Noida or Gurgaon. Sometimes I got puzzled in bus numbers and other times the name of places slipped off my mind. I tried looking at the address below the shops but alas the hyperbola and parabola did not mean anything to me. I realized that Chennai Express is mere fiction. And it's very difficult for a tamilian to date punjabi in reality. I don't care what Chetan Bhagat says.

There were bad days, when I was unable to find a place to live. I paid money to reality agents and it almost felt like being looted. I was thinking to charm Bangalore. My friends took me to Toit, Fenny's and other places which they thought will introduce me better to Bangalore. They bought me a ticket for Davis cup match on the coming sunday and CSK's Champions trophy match on 27th. Mutual friends so want to set you up with your crush. I dont know what kind of kick they get out of it. I think they get new topic to pull your leg and ask for treats and things like that. Nevertheless, I think Bangalore started liking me. Rather I found safe topics to play with Bangalore. Bus Pass helped a lot.  I found Bangalore completely opposite to me. Bangalore loves cold. It is always clouded. I am connoisseur of sun light. We fought. I got cold. I am coughing while I am write this. Now you must be judging me. That I am one of those complaining types. I am not. I love many things. I like AC buses. I like technical people here. On my way to work last day, fellow passenger was reading architecture of pentium processor. Such things are cool. I totally love it. And I have more friends in this city than any other city in India. Of course, many of them are now leaving for US. By the way, I like how they write name of MNCs in kannada. And few days back, I went for coffee. And beside my table, there was one guy in old worn out tshirt explaining his product to a well dressed man and the demo of his product was running on his laptop.

 Some more charming. Some more appreciation. Some more understanding. And I think we can go a long way.
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