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height of despogiri-iii

Its 8:10 pm by my watch and someone is knocking at my door. I know this is Midass, for the last 4 month we are going to mess at this time, 1% because we are hungry and 99% because Nora comes at this time. ( for Nora-Midass, read “practical physics”). As we approach toward stairs, we find Tom DRINKING WATER from a large 2 litres Sprite bottle. Tom: are yaar! I just return from SAC(Student Activity Centre). I was dying of water for two hours. (In 10 seconds, he empties whole bottle. 2 litre…huh…) Midass: We are going to mess. Are you coming? Tom: Ok! Yes! Give me 2 minutes. (In 2 minutes, tharki Tom changes his jeans, t-shirt. Uses body spray whose advertisement shows a guy surrounded by girls due to AXE-effect) Tom: Lets go.. Mess’s dinner is boring as usual. I think in mess, in addition to spoon, everyone should also be given knife to cut Roti, Paneer. It seems mess’ people use fevicol instead of suffola musterd oil. Looking at the meals, I remember my days at home, my mom used to cook best…

love aaj-aaj

Our country is very difficult to understand and even more its people, custom and their ways. I owe no shame in accepting that India is the biggest hypocrite of the world. Have you seen any “dealing” of marriage in our so called cultured and modern society? Marriage is purely business deal, groom is up for bidding and bride’s fathers are the bidder, amount of bidding depends upon groom’s job, parental property, family’s status etc etc. These factors are similar to the factors affecting setting up a new industry (economics guys can do their research paper, Midass, you there?). But the blunder comes when a groom’s father supposed to be anti-dowry says “ladka engineer hai, log kya kahenge agar ladka rent ke car pe baarat le jaye. Ek car to milni hi chahiye.” And bride’s father thinks “itna accha ladka saste me mil raha hai”.
All right. Now a story. Few days ago, I went to meet one of my relatives who lives in a metropolitan city. She thinks herself smart, MODERN and up to date. First s…

Oh shit! writers

I found a pretty interesting thing in recent edition of outlook. Under the heading, "how to become a novelist?", there was written," A reading of india's new paperback writer helps you recognise a common recipe. What you first need are a few dollops of late adolescent angst. You then need to throw things into a mixer of bad humour. Since its ok for the quality of prose to be awful, the time of preparation can be miniscule. You can spindle your blather with the flashy pretence of narrative, before serving it to easy to serve publishing houses. A satisfactory book deal is guaranteed."

These words quickly remind you of Five point someone, anything for you ma'm, Oh shit! not again, by Chetan Bhagat, Tushar Raheja and Mandar Kokate. Among all, Chetan Bhagat can be excused because of his positive messages. Be it our rickety education system or interstate/ intercaste marriages, they are increasingly discussed and supported by elders(good sign for us also) . Well …

Practical Physics

We have a physics freak with us. “Freak” as he swears by the name of “Feynmann” in every second sentence ( though Feynmann is no more ). He shows this by mass messaging on Einstein’s birthday and chants Newtons mantras.
Though usually he talks in Hindi but where ever anything regarding physics comes, he flips into English mode in his typical Gujrati accent (like we do when we talk to a girl, first two sentence in English and then hindi hamari rashtrabhasha hai. Don’t lie. We all do.)

A few days ago, I went to Midaas ( handsome guy who likes a girl but till now has made no conversation yet. Let her be Nora!!) We were talking when Feynmann came in.
Now please pay attention.

The clock reading 12:45 am....

Feynmann: Hey Midaas! Do you have something to eat? I am very hungry, yaar. I could have gone to night canteen but there is a problem ;sorry guys, cant tell you

Midaas: haan. Take this
(he points to an Unopened biscuit pack)

Feynmann: Midaas, after programming test, I met Nora.