Oh shit! writers

I found a pretty interesting thing in recent edition of outlook. Under the heading, "how to become a novelist?", there was written," A reading of india's new paperback writer helps you recognise a common recipe. What you first need are a few dollops of late adolescent angst. You then need to throw things into a mixer of bad humour. Since its ok for the quality of prose to be awful, the time of preparation can be miniscule. You can spindle your blather with the flashy pretence of narrative, before serving it to easy to serve publishing houses. A satisfactory book deal is guaranteed."

These words quickly remind you of Five point someone, anything for you ma'm, Oh shit! not again, by Chetan Bhagat, Tushar Raheja and Mandar Kokate. Among all, Chetan Bhagat can be excused because of his positive messages. Be it our rickety education system or interstate/ intercaste marriages, they are increasingly discussed and supported by elders(good sign for us also) . Well the size of his masala pages(i guess, you people are smart enough to catch my words) are increasing with his every book, i wonder he will end up being Maharisi Vatsayan's new edition.

I would particularly like to discuss the last one Oh shit! not again by Mandar Kokate. I will start with the epilogue of the book, in short Mr. Kokate(in fact, he is engineer from college whose name i have never heard) thanked his parents for supporting him when the whole world considered him good for nothing. He declares this book as his achievemant and he has apparently shut his critics mouth by writing this book.
Well ok. Now i tell you about book. Read the book if you want to see how low a people can go to shut the mouth of ones critics. This book make the mockery of rich Indian literature nurtured by greats like premchandra, Rabindra Nath Tagore. This book itself is a whole shit and is nothing but the description of sexual fantasies of the empty brain author. Reflecting throuh other way, these so called authors have commercialised this art form and these masala pages are like blank cheque. Every fourth line of the book go with the description of the girl's body as if girls are meant only for display. Come on, the world is changing and we can't afford to have this attitude. We have to learn to appreciate beauty.
The height came after 3-4 month of my reading of book when i saw this book among the bestsellers. Publication houses are happy to publish these books because they know movie of Mallika Sherawat can never give you loss, howsoever movie may be..

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