Practical Physics

We have a physics freak with us. “Freak” as he swears by the name of “Feynmann” in every second sentence ( though Feynmann is no more ). He shows this by mass messaging on Einstein’s birthday and chants Newtons mantras.
Though usually he talks in Hindi but where ever anything regarding physics comes, he flips into English mode in his typical Gujrati accent (like we do when we talk to a girl, first two sentence in English and then hindi hamari rashtrabhasha hai. Don’t lie. We all do.)

A few days ago, I went to Midaas ( handsome guy who likes a girl but till now has made no conversation yet. Let her be Nora!!) We were talking when Feynmann came in.
Now please pay attention.

The clock reading 12:45 am....

Feynmann: Hey Midaas! Do you have something to eat? I am very hungry, yaar. I could have gone to night canteen but there is a problem ;sorry guys, cant tell you

Midaas: haan. Take this
(he points to an Unopened biscuit pack)

Feynmann: Midaas, after programming test, I met Nora.

(sorry yaar,95% of our discussion revolve around girls , 4% cricket and last 1% around studies)
(Last three words were sufficient to iginite interest in Midaas. I am preety sure Midaas must have started imagining himself with Nora at some swiss hill, and in background some Bollywood track )

Midaas: (with shinning eyes and smile forgetting all av- ) Really! What was she wearing? (What a question! I am sure Nora must not have heard the name Midaas )

( Feynmann knew he had struck the right cord, he took time and ate the 4th biscuit )

Feynmann (ignoring what Midaas said): bahut meetha ho gaya..

Midaas: take the kurkure (that was a huge pack). You were telling something.

Feynmann: We both were taking ice-cream.

Midaas: Must be chocolate flavour. (look at the result of a year of spying…//Mongi rocks )

(Feynmann was eating at rate of 4 pieces per second)

Feynmann: She asked me, my programming marks.

Midaas: She got 42/60. What next?

Feynmann: Next she asked me how is my compre preparation.

( considering the length of the story remaining he increased his speed to 6 pieces per second )

Feynmann: Then she bade me bye.

(still 2 pieces remaining)

Feynmann: Then a senior came, she went with him .(this was the end of HUGE kurkure.

( obseve the application of physics, perfect synchronisation of kurkure eating speed and Nora’s story )

Feynmann: Thanks yaar.

( “thanks” was making fun of midaas, kurkure bhi gaya aur ladki ko bhi senior le gaya. This is what I also dislike about BITS, seniors bhai-bahan k rishte ko bhi kharab kar dete hain. )

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