love aaj-aaj

Our country is very difficult to understand and even more its people, custom and their ways. I owe no shame in accepting that India is the biggest hypocrite of the world. Have you seen any “dealing” of marriage in our so called cultured and modern society? Marriage is purely business deal, groom is up for bidding and bride’s fathers are the bidder, amount of bidding depends upon groom’s job, parental property, family’s status etc etc. These factors are similar to the factors affecting setting up a new industry (economics guys can do their research paper, Midass, you there?). But the blunder comes when a groom’s father supposed to be anti-dowry says “ladka engineer hai, log kya kahenge agar ladka rent ke car pe baarat le jaye. Ek car to milni hi chahiye.” And bride’s father thinks “itna accha ladka saste me mil raha hai”.
All right. Now a story. Few days ago, I went to meet one of my relatives who lives in a metropolitan city. She thinks herself smart, MODERN and up to date. First she quizzed me if I have girl friend.( ye to jale pe namak dalne wali baat huyi). So, here is the part of conversation:
Relative: do you have girl friend?

Me: naa. I don’t have such luck. And I am not smart enough to get a girl. (this is fact. Can someone help? I have poor communication skills.)

Relative: Good. Its becoming increasingly difficult to find boys like you. Otherwise these TV channels have spoiled your generation. Look, one thing, if ever you feel like luv-suv, ensure that the girl is Rajput. Anyways, are you free tonight? There is party in Le Meredian(a 5 star hotel), all “big” people are coming. You know modern ways; our parties are generally in 5 star hotels only.

This statement was from a modern lady. In her term, moderns mean having meals in 5 star hotels, having latest dresses, footwear and all those bullshit. This was new definition of “MODERN” introduced to me, earlier I knew that people go modern with new radical, revolutionary thoughts which have capability to drive world forward. And, you see, I got a proper methodology to find a girl for myself. First I look for a pretty girl, then I will ask her caste and there after further proceedings.[Any RAJPUT girl, you can email me, I am single:)]. Isn’t this silly? In fact, love is the feeling which comes for someone special for you, ordinary for others. That someone may be not beautiful, not intelligent but there will be something which make you think of him/her. It can be his/her way of walking, talking. I went off-track. I will stop myself here, otherwise love is a very big topic.

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