height of despogiri-iii

Its 8:10 pm by my watch and someone is knocking at my door. I know this is Midass, for the last 4 month we are going to mess at this time, 1% because we are hungry and 99% because Nora comes at this time. ( for Nora-Midass, read “practical physics”). As we approach toward stairs, we find Tom DRINKING WATER from a large 2 litres Sprite bottle.
Tom: are yaar! I just return from SAC(Student Activity Centre). I was dying of water for two hours.
(In 10 seconds, he empties whole bottle. 2 litre…huh…)
Midass: We are going to mess. Are you coming?
Tom: Ok! Yes! Give me 2 minutes.
(In 2 minutes, tharki Tom changes his jeans, t-shirt. Uses body spray whose advertisement shows a guy surrounded by girls due to AXE-effect)
Tom: Lets go..
Mess’s dinner is boring as usual. I think in mess, in addition to spoon, everyone should also be given knife to cut Roti, Paneer. It seems mess’ people use fevicol instead of suffola musterd oil. Looking at the meals, I remember my days at home, my mom used to cook best meals ever cooked and I, stupid moron…………………
Ok, leave that, so we serve our food and sit at the table with the BEST VIEW.(BITS guys.. C mess..best view..you people, got it??) Meanwhile Faghav joined us.
Tom(just 2 seconds after sitting): I am feeling too thirsty.
Let me have some water.
(I and Midass share glances as that 2 litres bottle, danced in our memory.)
Tom goes to water cooler. We are not in direct sight to water cooler. But after 2 minutes, Tom emerges with a beautiful and sweet girl. Then I understand the secret of Tom’s thirst. Tom should be excused, I can drink water even after drinking a bucket full of water. when he returns to us, faghav is demanding party as he SUCCESSFULLY talked to her. After 15 minute of argument, he is ready to give us part. After the dinner, we enjoy chocolate pastry with pulpy orange at mongi. (mongi or monginis is the cake shop in our campus).
Tom comes to me that night, he makes me listen his whole love story and how he achieved what we saw today. That’s fine. Next day, again we are having dinner when she enters. Our eyes are on Tom, his face lit like cracker in dark Diwali night.
Oh my God, she is coming towards us. She comes and sit beside us.
Tom: hiiiii!!
Girl: hi..
Girl: dinner is awful as always..
(we choose to stay silent, faghav and I are conscious after Shahi darbar’s incident. Height of despogiri-ii)
Girl: Tom, when are you going home after exams??
(Tom and the girl are from same city, I swear, listening this, Tom will be on cloud 9)
Tom: I haven’t decided yet. But you see your convenience, I am always ready.
Girl: that’s like my sweet BROTHER. Right from the first day, you remind me of my sweet titoo.
(titoo, I guess is her brother, but I have no words to describe Tom’s face.)
Girl (facing us): you know, these long journeys. Its always good to have someone with you.
We(with a cunning smile): tom bhaiya will care you to his best. Don’t you? Tom.
(at last we were happy by heart, it feels so bad to see your pal sitting with a pretty girl, but now ha ha ha)

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