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14 days more to go home

14 days more to go home.

My dearest Feynmann asked, rather requested (show off!! I know, still less for boastful Feynmann), me to write something like good old days when i used to write crap in my tatti  english. But when i read them today, it was like roaming in your old city where you used to live once upon a time. Many things have changed over the days, Tom and i do not talk much now. He is not my neighbor now. All other people, Faghav , Jadu, Midass have many changes. Topics of talk have changed. IPL is not that cool now, common room have bigger TVs, no more this girl- that girl, (Ok! no need to comment about me :P ). Midass has reached pinnacle of his stardom in recent days with so many of his mumbai wali, pilani wali. Midass has always been a source of inspiration for me. When i came here four years ago, i did not imagine that there can be some place with people speaking English where i would go. That was me, happy with being good student with a handsome marksheet of class tent…