14 days more to go home

14 days more to go home.

My dearest Feynmann asked, rather requested (show off!! I know, still less for boastful Feynmann), me to write something like good old days when i used to write crap in my tatti  english. But when i read them today, it was like roaming in your old city where you used to live once upon a time. Many things have changed over the days, Tom and i do not talk much now. He is not my neighbor now. All other people, Faghav , Jadu, Midass have many changes. Topics of talk have changed. IPL is not that cool now, common room have bigger TVs, no more this girl- that girl, (Ok! no need to comment about me :P ). Midass has reached pinnacle of his stardom in recent days with so many of his mumbai wali, pilani wali. Midass has always been a source of inspiration for me. When i came here four years ago, i did not imagine that there can be some place with people speaking English where i would go. That was me, happy with being good student with a handsome marksheet of class tenth and twelfth. And in my first journey with 3 fellow BITSian, Vinayak told me to speak in English as he did not Hindi. I was more bad than i am today. You know, you do not always need greats like Gandhi and Mandela to inspire you. Sometimes, you find inspiration just in the guy next door.  Midass showed me how to speak English. Over the time, Feynmann continues to complain me of being stubborn. Everyone in this world has been brought up in difficulties, which comes in different shades like rainbow. Slim Shady always complains that he is a single child. He always wants a brother and sister so that he could have a good company to spend time rather than watching FTV  at the age of  7 when his parents were out for work. Faghav has always a longing to be recognised as an artist. I will not be surprised if, given a chance, he will trade any precious thing he owns for the recognisation as an artist. When i go home now, i see teachers who are incapable even for secondary school board exams, i see 16 hours power cut with hot and humid night difficult to pass. Perhaps, this stubbornness was needed. There are moments when you see your future at bleak, just because you passed through some bad day. You know, go to Chintu's room and you will learn how you should just let time decide for you :P Yes, It may feel as doing nothing and just allowing time to decide everything is bit too much. Ok! then worry but i learnt from Chintu two things. Firstly, Habib's hair cut is extraordinary because you pay 500 bucks to let people find out where the mighty Habib has cut hair and second, leave something for time. You are no God and you can not control everything. I liked many cool things as hobby  because they are cool. Playing guitar, angrezi gane, table tennis, but i found out i lack passion for them. If ever i feel passion for something, i look for Bob. (Feynmann used to say he was mad about physics and he would not take second degree. But he took CS. ) Bob shows amazing devotion for the things he loves. And if you think you have passion for learning guitar, until and unless you have got passion like Bob, you can't learn. Buy a guitar, it is really cool to show off in train. i did it once. Yes, Nawaz's guitar is decorated on cyan colored wall with "College Days!"   written in  Lucinda Calligraphy font. Though Nawaz has distinct ability that he can make me talk when no one else can. By the way, don't sleep keeping your door open, Nawaz is searching for brand new eye balls. Though, he has fully functional ears as his phone is busy all the time. Nawaz takes me to Prathmesh. You know what, if you get refused for help from everywhere in this world, go to this genius who can study one night and get handsome marks. This studying one night, reminds me of Rastogi. He claims that he is cool but you must meet him a night before exam. These days he uses stress busters  but back in those days when we were still kids i remember him of studying all night with red eyes and after exam, he will be the one making fun of everyone. Going in flow, i must not Slim Shady, who can top any subject which has answer key of text book. Tom has always been my good neighbor as he used to wake me up  with his really amazing playlist. I remember there was a time when i always used to wake up with dope sope  and on the particular note of the songe  main  sufiyon da raja... Can you leave compre paper just because you were too bored in writing answer? Pranav can do that. He goes to every class, knows everything but sometimes he is just too bored to write anything.
This post is incoherent and very random. Still one for Feynmann. :)
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