Andher Nagri Chaupat Raja: 10 commandments

Once upon a time, there was very prestigious school, "Andher Nagri School" and the principal was "world known"  "Chaupat Raja". His colleagues were also world known and well respected.

Together they formulated the rules of the school:

1. In lower classes, students have to sought permission from the teachers before they enter the class because its important that students should learn culture.

2. From time to time, teachers should encourage students by their tales of their stay in Japan, Sweden, United states.

3. Teachers will follow the coercive style of leadership. Teachers are not supposed to praise any student, else they may go crazy.

4. Teacher should identify potential in students in terms of their similarity to student's shape and size with teacher's. And he should be held as reference.

5. Teachers are not supposed to put syllabus else, they won't come to class.

6. Teachers will not upload the lecture slides. (Teachers should use the lecture slide which comes as the first result of googling "term+pdf")

7. They should constantly convey the message that how much they want to teach student and that the students dont allow them to teach.

8. Teachers should mention any term randomly during class and whenever they want to "encourage" students, they should ask for that term.

9. Only those students who come to class are honored to ask the doubt.

10. If teachers don't want to teach, they can say,"You know all these". "It has been taught."

P.S. These rules are subjected to change. They come spontaneously to IC's mind.

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