Train to Hyderabad (My Story-3)

“Go and study to make our name fly high”, with these words my mother applied a long tilak on my forehead and bade me bye. I was going to BITS-Pilani Hyderabad Campus. My father was accompanying me to Hyderabad and we both boarded a train. Finally we settled at our sit with our huge luggage. (Out of love, my mother gave me enough snacks to last for 1 month even if I stopped eating in mess and feed myself with those 4 times a day.) After some moments of thorough inspection, I found a cute girl sleeping on nearby upper berth.

Night went silently.

Next morning, she perched down to sit in front of me. Watching her sit in front of me, commotion started in my heart and I was searching chance to talk to her. After some time, my co-passengers started talking to her. Through that conversation, I found that she is going to Bangalore to take admission in some engineering college. Whole day she was reading a book named “ World’s History: A Brief Summary” in the most grave look. Only book’s name was “brief”, otherwise it was 1200-1300 pages thick. In the night, I gathered all my courage and asked for her book. (in school, I never completed my history book…I found that too boring). To my pleasure, she gave me book. I turned first page, there was written P kumari in beautiful cursive writing. But then something unexpected happened. Damn to Railways. My love train hadn’t started yet and they derailed it. My compartment’s light went off and I had to return the book with thanks.

But I liked her so much in 28 hours of journey.
Later I was admitted to BITS-Goa but I didn’t forget her. I told all my friends about her and said to enquire about her if they know anyone in Bangalore. Next, I did the craziest thing to find her. I searched “female, bihar, Bangalore” in Orkut and scrapped to every girl whose name goes with the letter “P”. After around 10 days, somebody replied, it was Priyanka and she scrapped,” r u the one who borrowed my buk in Train?”. I visited her profile only 2-3 friends and 5-6 scraps which looked as if they also don’t know her. After some days, she gave me her phone number and I really loved messaging her, though she never talked. It’s not that I never tried, but every time she replied “I m in class” or “friends here” or simply “busy”.

Then due to jaundice outbreak, we were given 20 days vacation. I returned to my home town and met with one of my oldest pal, Avinash. We were friend from class 7 and shared almost every secret. We chatted all day and I told him about Priyanka. He asked me to let him talk with her (he studies in IIT, so he was too much despo like us). Though I knew she would not take my call, but I had to call, it was the question of my prestige. I dialled her number from his phone and after some time it changed to “calling Ravi new “. I cut the call and dialled once again. It again changed to “calling Ravi new”. I asked him about that number. He said,”are yaar, ravi ka naya number hai… 2 mahine pehle to liya hai.”

I told Avinash everything; he laughed for good 30 minutes before I called Ravi, another of my close pal, and slanged him with every known slang.
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