I am going to tell you the story of two of my friends Anshu and Akash. After class 10, due to the lack of good teachers in my hometown, students go to some other place to study; usually kota or Delhi or Bokaro. We three also went. I and Anshu did our coaching at FIITJEE Bokaro, Akash went to Delhi and joined Narayna. They both were unsuccessful in their first attempt and they decided to give an another shot. Anshu went to Bansal, kota and Akash clinged to FIITJEE. This year they both CRACKED IIT-JEE.(i haven't yet figured out yet why JEE is cracked and other exams are passed, i guess it is something like Trains are late and Flights are delayed :) Anshu with AIR 8219 and Akash with 8533. After counselling, i came to know that Akash has been alloted Civil at BHU whereas Anshu got nothing. Then i was informed that Akash is from OBC category and Anshu is General.

Well ok. In this summer vacation, i taught Physics and Maths to 3 guys [no gals :( ]. One of them was particularly sharp minded, sincere and hard working but lack of good teachers and competition obstructed his progress. I asked Vishal (his name) why he hadn't gone for coaching. He replied if i went for coaching, i won't be able to pay for my college. He was from General category. I know he will end up getting rank in lakhs in AIEEE, leave JEE.

Think critically for two minutes. Do Akash desrve RESERVATION??? He and Anshu are in same in all respect, they both did there coaching, same amount of labour, same economic status, then why?? One thing more, i know Akash from class 7 but i didn't know that he is from OBC. Thanks to government, i now know that. Government taught me he is OBC, and they divide us. Feel the agony of Anshu, now if he does suicide, people will say him coward, they will blame his parents for not making him brave. Nobody will care for government. Thats ok. Politicians will not scrap off reservation. Think about Vishal, he is the guy who needs reservation, because he hasn't equal opportunity for preparation as paise wale do have. Yes, scrap off resevation, just give all people equal opportunity to prepare. its not the case that poors dont have mind, God never discriminate on caste. I dont think any guy which really need reservation gets its advantage. Government schools are not in status to provide such teachers, then just open a special school for the preparation of JEE, where the guys which are supposed to get RESERVATION study. Give them best teacher possible, then see the result of JEE, i dont think there will be need of any reservation. If this is also not possible, give reservation on economic status, so that every poor can have their chance. It would also hurt general people but not that much when we see our friend equal to us in every respect just because he is OBC. We can then relieve our heart that i sacrificed something for society. Once there was time when being SC, ST, OBC mean that they are poor but that period is over. Now a days, handsome numbers of people in upper caste(so called) are also poors. Gandhi jee devised a word HARIJAN to make all caste uniform, now politicians are fighting for caste based census. They are again using DIVIDE and RULE policy, i dont know when people would understand and perhaps then it would be too late.....,....

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