Wrong Number

In vacation, like everyone, i was also busy with Facebook. But misfortunes followed me there also. There is a separate section on facebook home page called "people you may know", many of my friends have sent friend requests to girls of our campus, and many of them accepted too, so facebook was suggesting them to me as friend. Yesterday,one of my friends Raavan said in very depressive manner,"ladkiyan facebook pe to acche se chat karti thi, yahan pehchane se bhi inkaar kar rahi hai."

There is a girl, we call her hooke's law, facebook was suggesting her as my friend. I dont want to add anyone who dont know me. (of course, we guys know every girl) So, first day, as USUAL, i took a look on her profile and logged off. Second day, again she was suggested as friend, it took my mental power equivalent to attending morning 8 class for stopping myself from adding her as friend. Third day, again her name was there, i thought,"ok..enough is enough." And i sent her invitation. Next day only, she accepted it

Some days later, she was online, though my heart was willing to chat but i controlled myself thinking "sab moh maya hai." After two minute or so, she said,"hiiiii". I was on cloud 9 and i replied "hello."
Here is the part of conversation:

me: how is vacation goin?

hooke's :pretty f9 but slightly boring.. whole day u stay at home, i miss nescafe and ice n spice.

me: yeah, true..i feel d same

(i was enjoying my vacation to the fullest, two times a day cricket, bike, old friends, what can be better than that? And juice walla in my neighborhood is better than ice n spice, economical and tasty.. but supporting a girl is more important ;)

me:what is ur cg?

hooke's: i screwed my compre.. mere 8.5

( Oh my God, screwed compre and then 8.5, i wish i were like her screwing T1, T2, Compre. In slapped myself for such a stupid question, after all jinke ghar sishe k hote hai, wo dusro pe pathar nai feka karte. Guys, i have below average CG)

hooke's: urs??

me:hey, who is coming for waves this time?

(change the topic..best idea :)

hooke's: you remember, last waves??

me:How can i forget!! That was our first waves.. I was busy in DORA serving GMC girls. (GMC stands for Goa Medical College)

hooke's:when did you work for DORA??? I thought u were with me the whole time...

( Then, i understood the meaning of 5 "i" in her hiiiii.. She misunderstood me for someone else. Then, i thought to continue the play but something stopped me from doing so. )

me: i am not the one, you are looking for.

hooke's: hey, you are not Harsh from AH3????

me: no, it was my pleasure to talk with you.

She logged off and never talked with me again. Now after vacation, she never makes eye contact with me. Anyways, whatever be the reason, i think, she recognizes me now..


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