Idiot, by choice

Yesterday, i was attending an event supposed to discuss a book, "The Kite Runner." Among the very few audience present, there was a guy, Anand, who came to me and asked for 10 minutes of time at podium. He informed me that he had made a proper research on Afghanistan regarding its history, misfortunes Afghanis are facing and world's view regarding it. I advised him to ask the compare for permission.

5 minutes later, he got permission. At first he apologized for his broken English and then seek permission to speak in Hindi. He started with the map of Afghanistan, and explained why the country is always drawn in war. He then explained tactics involved by Russia to promote its vested interest there. He continued with his speech until he was intervened to stop due to lack of time. Later at night,i went to his room and listened to what he couldn't say there.

Till now, so common. Now i want to draw your attention regarding some facts in connection to this event. Anand has below average CGPA. When, i went to his room, from any angle, it was not resembling to room of any ordinary guy. There were books everywhere, and yes there was no Chetan Bhagat,Dan Brown. There were highly influential books regarding culture, Politics, spiritual issues, yoga and history. On what he did in review ceremony, he should have drawn handsome number of critics but i personally owe respect for his courage, as he dared to speak in Hindi in front of teachers, students without bothering a little what they will think of him. He told me the history of Israel-Palestine war and where it is going to. What will be the USA's end in Afghanistan, the concept of greater Israel. When we were talking in his room, he told me some of the foreign policies of India, USA, Pakistan, Russia with proper justification. When i googled of what he told me, after a hectic surfing of 5-10 websites, i found the same thing. By this what i mean is that what he told me was not a common stuff. He said he used to refer to many nonfiction books, consulted DU professors for this knowledge.

What he is doing here??? He goes to class, tries his best to understand the torque, pointers, strain etc, and fails everyday. He feels humiliated due to his below average CGPA, due to non fulfillment of his parent's dream to be a good engineer, due to his poor understanding of concepts. Tell me, the person who remember giant history of world , can't he remember some simple theorems. The person who argues on the foreign policies of USA, which was never told to him, can't argue on simple electric circuit on which 10000 books are written. The answer to all these question is that he can. But his interest is not in electric circuit but the map of world, not in the mechanics of solids but in the history of India. Isn't he is wasting his time?? Isn't it good that rather being a ordinary guy of engineering, he should be a bright scholar of Political Sciences?

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