Jadu Teri Nazar

Last few days were amazing. Our college has Council of Student Affairs whose members are chosen democratically (Other then popular factors which affect elections, in general like regionalism, we have one more hostel-ism).One of my friend contested for the post of General Secretary of the Council of Students Affair(CSA). All these days, i got to know many things, like how to convince others, how to keep your patience, and so on. Leave this, i would like to share some light moments. Probably these moments will be with me through out my life and will make me smile anywhere, anytime.

First, i will tell you about my friend who is contesting for election, he is super cool, lite but sincere. He doesn't take unwanted tension and there are many things in him which makes me jealous of him like he never waste food, he never imposes himself and the list continues. He is known for his numerous 10 minute sleep, one day he told me," harsh, call Pazi and Yash. I am coming back in 10 minutes." After, 30 minutes or so, when he didn't come back, i went in search of him and he was found sleeping in one room. Our college has a tradition of debate in auditorium popularly known as audi debate where anyone can ask the candidates question regarding their credentials, ground work regarding agenda. So, before audi debate, we all friends were compiling data regarding agenda. One of our friend Chintan Zalani had talked to music teacher regarding his fee and time. It was 3 hours before debate and Jadu( my contestant)was feeling sleepy. We were not able to reach chintan by any means, then Jadu says "arre, lite lo, i will tell there that we are in talk with Mr. Zalani and he has given his approval". Another day we were campaigning in one hostel of juniors, in answer to one question, Jadu replied," Probably, it will be done for sure." For late learners, note the word "Probably" and "sure". Jadu has planned for bus which will carry our campus people to nearby places, when asked about ground work regarding bus service," i have talked to two bus-travelers and they are ready to start the service." Jadu knows a girl(Her name is Mita), and words in air is that, she likes him and even she asked him last year for prom. I don't know much about it but during election time, Jadu and i were discussing election matters, he said," In AH-1, manas bhaiya se baat ho gayi hai, AH-2 to apna hi hai, Ladkiyon me to ek hi center point hai, mita." After this, we all started teasing him, "center point to ek hi hai, mita." But a secret information only for you guys, Jadu was proposed by 22 girls after audi debate.

However, "probably for sure" we lost the elections but nonetheless we enjoyed the days of excitement, fun, tension and more importantly it drew us more closer.

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