Smile :)

Smile....5 letter word has more impact than anything other in this world. Smile is an investment which never incurs loss and always has higher returns. Universe's most beautiful thing, according to me, is the friendship between enemies and smile is the shortest way to do that. And the world's most dangerous thing is LOVE, this too starts when a girl acknowledges boy's smile. Trust me, no worldly thing can give you more pleasure than the pleasure you get when you know you are the reason behind someone's smile. That someone may be your parent, friend or girlfriend. (i think, my friends will connect more with the last one). I'll give you an example, just observe your mother's smile when someone praises you, and then feel your joy that you were reason behind that smile. Nothing equals your joy and that smile too.

The feeling is different when your love journey is between friendship and the formal propose. Then the smile of the girl has a lot of meaning for you. When you talk, your every effort is to make her smile(for this, you become the most foolish guy on earth ;) and when she smiles, Its altogether a different world. Isn't it?

Someone said,"life is like a mirror, you get the best result when you smile at it". Smile is the indispansable and only ornament of your body which costs nothing, yet people are now forgetting this ornament in the blind run of most insignificant things of world. World is now so much competitive that no one has time for smile, there is a fear that if they stop, hundreds of other will pass them but they dont consider the energy, which they will get from the smile, will help them to beat thousands.

So, we should always wear a smile because you never know who's falling in love with that smile.

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