Prom Saga

Now, when notices regarding prom registrations are being put up on the hostel notice boards, the adrenaline level in every boy's body is at its highest level. I don't know much about girls, but i feel there is an equal fire on there side too. Today i saw a girl attending a particular class in which she never comes, later i was informed that she was expecting prom proposal from a guy, who comes in that class. So, she was providing him maximum opportunity to ask. Another girl who always comes in two tops, one red and another one combination of blue and white, was seen in third one.(probably her best one :)

People take different approaches to ask for prom, some people are spontaneous, some are strategic. Strategic people make strategy, what should they wear, which perfume should they use, what should they gift her, where should they ask the girl. Whereas spontaneous people are very casual, they can ask at most unexpected places like after class, while going to mess in most unexpected manner.

Now i will tell you some different approaches which i heard in last few days. One guy messaged the girl,"Do you want to go for prom?" No reply. Next day he again messaged," i want to go for prom with you. Are you coming?" No reply. Then the third day, he again messaged," Please reply, Either Yes or No. Are you coming?" No reply. Then he thought that the girl must not have balance. So he recharged her mobile with Rs.50 and then again messaged," Ab to bata do, will you go with me on prom?" I dont know the reply.

Another guy's story. The girl sits beside him in computer programming practicals. He was inspired by the movie "Rab ne bana di jodi" where Sharukh Khan proposes the girl with heart made by lights of Amritsar city, so my friend decided to propose the girl by making a C program. During 1.5 hours of practical, he made the program but unfortunately there were 16 compilation errors and when he removed those 16 errors, the program showed "segmentation fault"

One of my friend made an account on "way to sms" and messaged all the girls," i want to go on prom with you and ONLY YOU. Will you be my prom partner?" This is how people are innovating, so whats your plan???????????

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