Newspaper Cut

Everyone in my college is genius, and attending lectures is an offence to our superiority. Proof of our greatness; we complete the whole syllabus, which teachers teach in a whole semester, in a night before the exam; our answer paper will show some new theories, which we discover in the examination hall to solve the given question; we are able to concentrate on lectures while playing "missed call-missed call" with friends or observing the motions of teacher in order to mimic them. (After all there are girls too for distractions ;) As the teachers also know of our greatness, they keep on calling us on date through keeping marks on attendance, surprise quizzes.

This is the story of one such class where we were bound to go because of attendance. I was already late for class and teacher's voice was too low to be audible at the back benches, so i decided to carry a newspaper. As expected, class was full and i sat at the last bench, and the next moment i started reading the newspaper. Sometimes wrong way leads to new gate, the most beautiful girl of the campus came and sat besides me. (A survey was conducted on boys of our campus, and this girl's name was found to be the most frequently used word, so she is "the most beautiful") That was hard time for me, as i was not able to concentrate on newspaper. My heart was forcing me to look on her, while mind was thinking of ethical issues.

At once, she asked me,"can you listen to him?" (pointing to the teacher).
me: no.

(This was the glorious moment for me as i was able to say a word to a girl whom 2000 other boys aspire to talk.)

She then questioned me,"why don't you complain?"

It is always advisable not to show your greatness in front of girls, so instead of saying, "i dont want a teacher to teach me", i answered ,"i have headache today".

The girl: i am going to complain.

She then said in her sweet voice,"sir, we can't hear you."

Teacher took no notice of her, but a few boys started staring at her as they became aware of her presence. They got the motivation to attend the remaining lecture.

I dont know why girls are so much after studies, but she raised her hand to let the teacher know of her problem.

Teacher (furiously): You guys dont listen to my instructions properly, in the beginning itself, i made it clear that no one will ask doubts in between the class. And you foolish girl, doing the same thing. Put your hand down, i will talk to you after class.

After facing so much of music because of no fault of her, she looked dejected.

The girl(to me): Give me a page from newspaper.

me (handing over the front page): here it is..

The girl: what will i do with this page? There will be the same news,"bomb blast somewhere, 10 killed", "minister hinted at Pakistani support in the blast. Give me the movie and lifestyle pages.
And she leaned forward to snatch it.

I covered the article which i was reading to hide from her. I failed and she chuckled as i was reading "How to win heart of beautiful girls?"

me(in slight hesitation): ok ok..take this.

After that we continued our newspaper reading without saying a word. Now if ever, i read a newspaper in any class, the sweet memory of that day haunts me.

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