steps 2 luv

You like any girl, you talk to her, if you begin liking her, then there are some sudden changes in you.

1. Let the girl be "average". (Significance of the word depends upon type of your college i.e. arts, commerce, engineering :( Earlier if any of your friend used to like "average" girl, your comment on him must be like,"How can Amit like her? See her, how pathetic she looks!" But now, "looks are transitory, what's important is that she is nice, understanding. More importantly, why should i bother about others!"

"love is blind" is your favourite slogan.

2. Every song seems to depict your condition and your love status, if not you tend to draw parallels. (No matter, whethern they exist or not). Like after first meeting,"ek ladki ko dekha to aisa laga".

When your "like" starts changing to love,"kuch to hua hai, kuch ho gaya hai"

You tend to like romantic songs with more emphasis on lyrics. (Earlier you may have been an Eminem fan)

3. You begin to spy on her to know more of her like whether she drinks Appy or Frooti, blackcurrent or vanila. Which path does she take after classes? When does she take lunch, dinner? Now, for the first time you realise the importance of Facebook, orkut, as you get to know her birthday, her past school, her friends.

4. This is a stage of strategic importance, as you spend sleepless nights thinking about her, planning places and time of meeting her, which she considers as "coincidence" but actually these "coincidences" are your beautifully crafted plans which you planned last night with your friend.

5. Now, at these "accidental" meeting, you are a totally changed man. Everything changes, your accent, posture etc. Now, you bother about how are you dressing. You think,"does my mobile looks good in my hand or should i keep my hand in my pocket?", "Should i say hi or hello?", "Has she noticed that my nails are not properly cut?"

You may be calm, sincere, serious person but while talking with the girl, you talk about stuff which later you think,"oh shit!! i talked such rubbish."

6. If till now everything goes fine, ( i mean the girl still talks to you), you must be dreaming about her day and night. I know this is the tough time, with heart saying to propose the girl and mind warning you of possible danger to your friendship. Friends play an important role, they set your "accident" and push you there, but you fail at least 4-5 times before proposing to her. Favourite song of this stage,"mere dil me aaj kya hai, tu kahe to main bata du"

7. Next is your luck. I have been unlucky all the times :( Next the song can be "tanhayee..dil k raaste pe thokar maine khai" or "kaise tum mujhe mil gayi"

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