Adventure of WAVES

One year back:

"come to my room... as soon as possible...urgent", reads a message in my inbox. I checked the name, It was Jai there. It is hard to guess what's urgent in college student's life, but whatever is "urgent" for us, has least priority for others. Anyways, 2 minutes later, i was in his room. He was preparing a list on MS excel. There were column of name, phone number, priority, and the last one was blank. Jai has amazing skills in drawing, sketching, painting, photography. Due to these skills, he is the member of many clubs of college and i thought probably he was preparing the list of members as "WAVES, (our college's cultural fest) was 10 days away.

As soon as i entered, he asked me "Do you have phone number of Isha?"

I said,"no, how could i have?" Jai replied,"she is in your branch, so i guessed."

I had a class then, so i left him with his list.

Next day too, when i went to his room, he was doing the same thing, preparing the list. I again stick to my reasoning of clubs. 2-3 days later, again i visited his room, the same Excel sheet was there, but with some changes, at some places, the last blank column was marked with "Y". This was the height of climax for me. I asked Jai,"what's this? i am watching this for last 1 week."

Jai replied,"kuch nai yaar, This is the list of girls, whom i intend to ask for prom."
(For those who dont know what prom is, here is the definition from wikipedia," A prom, short for Promenade, is a formal (black tie) dance, or gathering of high school students.")

Then there were many doubts in my mind, what is the meaning of "priority" column and the significance of last column. Jai clarified my all doubts.
He explained that he had given "priority number" to all the girls, depending on girl's look in decreasing order and he would ask them according to the "priority number" only. And then the last column's "Y" meant that he had asked that girl for prom.

I exclaimed,"you mean, you asked those 7 girls where "Y " is written." He replied,"yup".

"What they replied" was my last question. He said,""
("ob" is a part of BITS lingo, which stands for "obvious" and now ob has got "obber" as well as "obbest")

Then, i heard when his list ended, he again called the first girl if she had changed her decision. And when she refused again, Jai asked her number of her friend.(The same Isha, whom he was unable to find number)

Inspite of so much effort, Jai was unable to go for Prom. Well, WAVES is coming again, and I see, Jai is busy again :) I wish him good luck ;)

P.S Jai's real name was dispalyed after WAVES 2010.
WAVES 2010:
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