It always happens, when any girl likes me, i don't like her and when i like any girl, obviously, she doesn't like me. Well thats ok with me, same answer comes always,"we are good as friends and i never imagine you beyond that." But right now, i will not talk of myself but of couples, who have long distance relationships.

These couples are easy to recognize, you will find 2 or 3 cell phones with them with the sim cards of all possible mobile operators, roaming around mobile recharge shops in search of most efficient recharge offers. If you ask them for treat, they will simply blame phone bill. And yes, one more thing, they excel in typing messages. I am very sorry for those keypads which sacrificed their life for the expression of their love, and the expression includes, "had your lunch??", "tumne kis color ki shirt pehni??", "what are you thinking of??", " abhi mera bhai school se aaya", "i saw a rabbit today". ( i m not joking, i used to read messages of my room partner during my +2 days.) Oh my God, what is the point in telling the other one that i have seen rabbit or my brother arrived.

Now, the most important thing, they talk around 3-4 hours at a stretch almost everyday. Many of my friends want to know topics which are talked about. (All most all of my friends, including me, are single and i see no future of being double during our stay here. Its good too, we can get better one as we step out of this. I am able to write all this because of my room partner as i mentioned earlier).

Lets start from scratch. Their talk starts generally from 12 or 1 at night and continues till balance ends or battery ends. Conversation starts with a "main story" (if any for that day) like "today we went for dinner", "one guy/gal was constantly staring at me", "i prepared dinner myself" and then detailed information regarding it like name of restaurant, quantity of salt in soup, description of guy/gal staring, how it started and its end and quantity of spices in dishes at dinner. This continues for half an hour and amazing thing is that no one gets bored. Next they continue the minute details of daily routine. This continues for 1 hour minimum with numerous facts like physics teacher wore black saree, and complain of small stones in play ground. Now starts the nostalgia, tales of era when they were together. How they first met, what was their reaction that time, how they proposed. This is the section which is talked almost all day with new enthusiasm but mind you, this is the part where the chances of conflicts are fairly high. Reasons of conflicts include, previous boyfriend/ girlfriend, any unethical action which is regretted now. If the conflict occurs, add 30 more minutes for saying sorry and compromising. Once my friend was asked to say sorry 500 times, in between the girl slept, which was realized after the punishment. Another one used to take small naps in between, his girlfriend somehow got hint of it, after that day, she used to ask questions based upon the last 5 minute talks. Last hour goes in repeating vows and promising to keep faith on each other and
in future planning like one small home, dogs, two cute little ones.

I hope i have described everything. But there is something which gives them strength to talk so much, perhaps this is LOVE.

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