To home, Gollum and Wall

Journey by train has its own fun, frolic and experiences. And when you are travelling with college friends, fun and thrill get multiplied. After the end of the last semester, I and my friend were scheduled to go by Patna Vasco Express. When we reached station, we were first greeted by my hostel warden and one more mathematics faculty. Both were going by the same train.(our hostel warden is a nice and friendly person and therefore we don't fear him)

This train is the only direct train from Goa to Bihar, so there were many BITSians. One 4th year girl and one 1st year guy had seat in front of ours. After some time, GOLLUM (i regret for those who don't know gollum) came.

The junior with us was a non-ideal college student. He sleeps at 10 pm, wakes at 5 am, goes for chanting(courtesy ISKCON people), attend all classes, keeps himself updated with class. No wonder, he is expecting 9 gpa. Like metals at 0 kelvin, gollum bhai(as we say him) is perfectly ideal college student. Train started and so our discussion. We asked the junior about his first semester experiences. He was full praise for faculties, institute and everything. He started giving us tips on "ladki patana" and "getting cgpa".(And i thought we were seniors)

So, gollum bhai was very much interested in cgpa building tips. Gollum bhai told him his daily routine. Here goes his daily routine:
09:00 am - Breakfast
10:00 am - dc/sleep/class (priority level from left to right)
01:00 pm - lunch
02:00 pm - lab/sleep
05:00 pm - basketball
08:00 pm - bath
09:00 pm - dinner
09:30 pm - mongi
11:00 pm - guitar
12:00 pm - dc
01:00 am - movies

Junior was asked to take out time from the busy schedule for gollum's studies.

junior: leave dc. That's waste of time.

gollum: arre, dc?? dc is my moral commitment. If i don't go, people will miss me.

junior: decrease the time on dc.

gollum: yaar jaan-pehchaan thora jyada hai dc pe. 1 hour to hi-hello me nikal jata hai.

junior: leave basketball.

gollum: log kehte hai ki main accha khelta hoom, ab nai jaunga to accha nai lagega.

junior: Then you continue. I can't say anything.

Next day, we were playing antrakshari and dumb charades. All BITSian in train joined us. A moment later, math faculty Vineet sir, too joined us. In dumb charades, Vineet sir always guessed actor as Amitabh Bachhan. Like every end of dumb charades, ours too ended at movies like bhagte bhoot ki khulti langoti and bargad ki per par latki churail. Gollum bhai, much to our surprise, was very good at old hindi songs. We asked him for the inspiration of the same. Perhaps, it was the senior girl, gollum bhai hesitated to disclose the inspiration.

At night, gollum bhai disclosed the inspiration. Her name was kacchra wali. He said that his love was very serious. It started when gollum bhai was in class 10. kacchra wali' and gollum bhai's houses were 50 feet apart. It all started when gollum bhai used to study in his terrace, she too used to study at her terrace. Both used to see each other. They never talked. This see-game continued for about 4 month. You people must have watched hundred of bollywood movies, where there are loving couple, they dance around trees on some emotional bollywood track and toward the end of the movie, there is a "wall" in between them. That wall may be baap, bhai, paisa, amiri-garibi, chacha, dada and their is a emotional speech which melts their heart and breaks the metaphorical "wall". But gollum bhai's love story is slightly different. Yes, there is a "wall" but this is real "wall". A new construction started in 50 feet between their house and in 4 month, the "wall" of new construction reached to such height that it started obstructing their view. After class 10, gollum bhai went to Bokaro. During one vacation, when gollum bhai was visiting his home, again he saw her. This time she was throwing away "kacchra". And henceforth the name,"kacchra wali".

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