Four of Life

Please have a look at the picture above. This picture has got a lot of meaning. In the first frame, there is a child playing besides a small tree in the backdrop which reminds you of early morning. In the second one, there is a young couple making love in a soothing environment besides the same tree which now has grown to moderate height. Third frame, depicts a old man who seems lonely and worn out, standing beside the old tree with falling withered leaves amidst a gloomy background. And the last frame...nothing but death. This picture has all ingredient of life but my question is will my transition from third to fourth will be contented and smooth or i will be haunted by my past.
Certainly everyone has got one's eye and that looks at same thing different from others. Now, when we are out of the first frame, i urge you to close your eyes and remember your cherished moments of first frame of your own picture. When i did the same, i recalled the first day when i went to school, the only time i stole and the following redemption, when i first break into top-10 of my class, first time i offered my seat to a lady in a bus and one more(i decided not to write it here.) Let me tell you what happened to me after my first theft.(That was a eraser and the time is when i was in class 2) As soon as my father knew about it, he took me to the child's house whose eraser was. Then he told me to gave him back and say sorry in front of his whole family member. That time i felt very bad but now i think that was the best thing a parent could do. After that, i can say i never thought of stealing anything ever. Ohho, i went offtrack, how many moments do you remember??? I am sure, like me, your precious moments were either of two extreme. Either very good or very bad. And i can say, you are regretting those bad moments like i do.
Good. First frame over. Regret over those bad thing is good but the best thing is that we should modify our act and behaviour for now onwards such that there is no moments of shame and remorse while we go to fourth frame of our picture. Instead we should do as good and noble things that they form a shadow on our previous bad. Another thing is that, the definition is good and bad is up to you. Nobody is going to question you except for your own conscience. Everyday i try to be good but end up as becoming bad for some people but i am satisfied that at least i am trying. And who knows in trying, may be one day i will succeed. Other things which are counted in satisfaction, are goal achievement, friends, relatives, family. But what i perceive, that these all things should be in one pack because they compliment each other. Suppose you become whatever you wanted to, but there are no friends to enjoy it, no family to relish it. Then after some time, your achievements seems futile. Similarly we can argue that there is a family for which we make a goal.
So what are you thinking??

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