End Semester-Feedback

One another semester is going to end in a few days. Like at the end of year, we analyse ourselves, i introspect myself after every semester. I ask myself different sort of questions and then rate myself on a scale of 10. And then, i recommend myself suggestion for my well being. I strongly believe that these questions are worth to be questioned to everybody so that people, who feel themselves that they are perfect or their life is going in right pace to right destination, should know where they stand.

(Questions are asked in the order of importance and necessity.)

Question 1. Three semesters are over. Still you don't have girlfriend. What the hell are you doing with your life?

Question 2. Waves was in this semester. So many girls were there. Still you were limited to just staring at the girls from the other colleges. That seriously questions your effective public speaking ?

Question 3. Whole semester, you sat behind your crush in the class. Still she didn't notice you. Don't you think, you should make a honest effort to change your personality?

Question 4. In the class, you constantly looked at your crush. Still you somehow get a D grade.I mean if you are really interested in her, you should get nothing more than an 'E' grade. That should be your level of dedication.

Question5. You and your friend were similar in all respect, now he has a girlfriend. Still you are single. Don't you think, you are less adaptive to changes?(For AH5 people, any guesses about my friend???)

Question6. During prom you lost hope after 5 rejections. Always remember "If you do not hope, you will not find what is beyond your hope". Anything to say?

Question7. You still fumble around while speaking to a girl after so many years.. I mean come on!!

Now some unimportant and trifle questions, which you can opt not to answer. (Anyway, you don't have answer for this.)

Question8.How do you account for your poor CGPA?

Question9.Everyday you wake up after 11 am. What you will answer?

Question10. You remember, in last exam, you forget the name of your instructor while writing in attendance sheet. Don't think you should remember at least the name?

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