God is a Gamer - Ravi Subhramanian

God is a gamer

I read “If God was a Banker” around 7 years ago. “If God was a Banker” is the first book by Ravi Subhramanian. As is the case with the first books, “If God was a Banker” drew heavily from the experience of Ravi Subhramanian as top banker and his education at IIM Bangalore. It is a story of two ambitious guys; Swami and Sundeep, and their different ways to reach up the ladder.
The most fascinating thing to me about the 2014 released “God is a Gamer”, is that it starts from where I left Ravi in his last book that I read. Swami and Sundeep continued in “God is a Gamer” from “If God was a Banker” with seamless assimilation. Both the characters with respect to their personal or professional life matures coherently.

The book is interesting and you cant stop yourself from turning pages till it is finished. I picked up the “God is a Gamer” day before yesterday. 36 hours later I have finished the book and writing its review. This is a fair proof of my statement. The book has multiple threads of events which are interlinked to give us a nice finished product.

There is Malviya, CEO of Indian business of a multi national bank and her daughter Tanya. There is Swami who heads the retail branch of the same bank. We have Aditya and Sundeep who are founders of a famous BPO and a gaming company. We also have an American senator who is close to The President of the United States. One of these characters is murdered and that starts a global investigation which fails to unearth the real motive of the gigantic conspiracy. The story is full of references to the present day headlines like a politician linked to the murder(no prize for guessing who?), phishing to hack bank account, laptop blasts, the confession blogs and the bitcoins.

The story has its back bone based on the concept of the dark web and it has tried to cash in the urban legends surrounding it.

“Is revenge crime?

So says the tagline of the book. The tagline indicates that the story is meant for revenge. The climax could have been better. As the crime for which revenge is sought involves just one man and the revenge spans people who are not remotely connected to the crime.
Well, To conclude, You would love the book if you are a thriller fan. Read this book if you are conspiracy enthusiast 

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