Kings of Territories

We make the world we live in and shape our own environment.
Above words by Orison Swett Marden, find great significance in our daily affairs. An another version of the same idea can be stated. Every one of us creates our own territory where we are the king. Now, for a king to rule, there should be some people to be ruled. Since we, the king,  make our own territory, we select our own people to live there. These people are those exclusive people whom we confide and believe that these person will be always there for us, no matter what the situation is. Great....OK!!!

Now, the miseries of life start with our own territory which was essentially designed with sole intention of comfort. Expectation; root of many problems. Keeping someone in our territory doesn't guarantee our presence in their territory, and here lies our weakness to accept this truth. It frustrates when our 100% commitment doesn't give the output we expect. But we cant control everything, we are not so important to them as they are to us. So, be it, and why we forget that we too are in territory of some people who require us. Rather than to cry for those people, why not raise a toast for those who keep us in their territory. Doesn't sound convincing? Fear: This one word is enemy of mankind perhaps since the inception. USA bombed Iraq because of the alleged fear for weapons of mass destruction. Many a time, we fear of loosing our territory people to some other people and then out of this fear, we develop hate to those "some" people. Here, i suppose this territory is transitory. Though we believe, that our territory people are indispensable for us, in reality its not true. Our territory keep on evolving based on our needs and circumstances. People who were important to us 5 years back, are not now. Though certainly, some people can never be out of the territory and those people require extra care. Winning the fear requires preparation for all the outcomes, be it the best or the worst, we ought to stand tall amongst.

At times, our territory people do things which we don't expect them to do. And we become more judgemental on their inclusion to the territory. Before we are ready to throw them off, we should give our piece of mind to the traits because of which they are important to us. Everyone has evolved with some faults. Let's accept them as they are, because the changed one will not be the one we relied before.
                                Gaining someone is never easy. Losing it is.

(**My 50th post.. \m/)


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