Why Jeson Likes Pink???

To all those who don't know, there are two halls in BITS-Goa, which serve food to 2000 people. The dishes which they prepare are not found in any other part of the world or may be what they serve is the distorted version of cuisines relished by others. Those two areas are popularly known as A-mess and C-mess. At the start of every month, every student is allowed to select either of the two messes depending on convenience. Now, that convenience includes proximity to girl's hostel, for some demons; proximity to library, and at last the quality of food. But this post is not about the food there but a sacred, pious love story of Jeson and A-mess staffs.

A-mess Sign Board

Perhaps, their love started much earlier but now jalim jamana knows about this. And as always jalim jamana is against their love. Here's is the conversation of two commoners.

Rusty: Bhaijaan!!! You heard about Jeson..

Bhaijaan: hmm....campus is buzzing with his tales.. Perhaps the trauma of two year "girl deprived" torture..

Rusty: Even then...Mess people!!! He should have thought about our prestige, if not his.. How can i even go to Mongi with him... People give such dirty looks.......

Bhaijaan: Koi nahi...apne galti karte hai to usko galti nahi kehte.. Let's accept the reality.. Its not his fault only..haven't you noticed the pink uniform of A-mess guys??

Pink Uniform (A mess staff)

Rusty: Jeson too is to be blamed..Why did he take undue favour from them? He gets 4 pieces of chicken when rule says 2. He gets 3 sweets when other get only 2.

Bhaijaan: arrey, even yesterday, the whole pink army was surrounding us and Jeson was giving them smile.

Rusty: Aur tab bhi bhaijaan, He goes to mess in his erotic red shorts.. Apparently, the whole mess goes crazy with the first sight of that shorts. Bhaijaan, if you remember, there was special lunch on his birthday..

Bhaijaan; You are such ignorant, even the mess option of Jeson is already selected..obviously A-mess.

Rusty: Bhaijaan..I have information that there is a big portrait of Jeson in A-mess office and all staff fold their hands before him before starting day's proceedings and during night..you know what...............

Bhaijaan: Stop it!! I cant listen to it any longer. Lets get him a girl. Call him..I'll talk to him.

Bhaijaan: Hey Jeson...We were thinking that you need a girl. Why don't you try to put an advertisement? Design it. I'll publish it.

Jeson: OK..I'll try.

The next day following advertisement was published ;) Click on it to enlarge.

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